music question

I thought i was told once that if you convert your music to mp3 you can get more of it on a cd, is this true and how would i go about doing that. Also when it comes to downloading mp3s via a google search is that illegal.

Yes you can fit more songs on a CD, but it wont play in a regular CD play, it has to be a CD player that accepts MP3. MP3 is simply a different way of encoding the music, basically it's file compression but for audio files (that's not 100% true but for the purpose of this explanation it is). Think about it, if you compress some files with WinZip or WinRAR you can put more files on a disk b/c they require less space, however you can't get the information out of the compressed files on another computer system unless that system has the compression software installed to decompress it. It's kinda like that with the MP3s.

To do that you can get a CD ripper which will rip and re-encode the CD as MP3s, you'll have to pick the settings too (let us know if you need help with that...don't use crap like Variable Bit Rate [VBR], use AT LEAST 128bits however 162 or 198 is prefered although they will make larger files, etc).

Downloading MP3s via a google search is a different area all together, first of all it depends on who has the rights to the music and if they're the one putting it online, etc