musical collaborations you will never see

Skrewdriver and da lench mob. A quartet of icp,ja rule and eminem.Matisyahu and cypress hill.

Axl and slash Phone Post 3.0

Tupac and Elvis. Wait...maybe.

Taylor Swift and Tool

Beyonce and Volbeat

Miley Cyrus and....anyone with a shred of dignity

mrblonde1281 - Axl and slash Phone Post 3.0

My Damn allergies...

Stitches and Harry Connick Jr. Phone Post 3.0

Miley Cyrus and Paul McCartney would be fun

Shakira and Danny elfman Phone Post 3.0

Yoko Ono and Cannibal Holocaust

// This would never happen

joesonshuevos - Tupac and Elvis. Wait...maybe.


El-P and Hendrix Phone Post

KISS & any band with talent (I kid)

Ritchie Blackmoor & anyone but his wife

Stryper and Deicide.

mrblonde1281 - Axl and slash Phone Post 3.0
Damned shame. Amazingly enough, all the original members survived their demons and are still alive today. Too bad they will never reform. Phone Post 3.0

And when jeff lacy got schooled

Michael Jackson and Ray Charles.

Saw this on The Onion today.


Report: Growing Number Of Americans Forced To Make Ends Meet By Collaborating On Song With Pitbull

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Tom Yorke and Miley Phone Post 3.0