Musk - coordinated attack by Dems

Elon is like a fucking dog whistle to the leftists here. :joy:


Like who? And what did they say? I want to know just how “ordinary” the people you’re talking about were.

Also Elon restored, what, a few tens of thousands of accounts? Were those the only “ordinary people” of the hundreds of millions of Twitter users who were already “allowed to be heard”?

Nothing wrong with paying for priority.

But don’t dress it up as some altruistic endeavor like Musk is.

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And how many of those accounts are bots? Didn’t musk say there’s news about the numbers of real users coming out soon?

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True but at least republicans have the house… That will help him out a lot.

I think also he’s quite well respected and liked… It’s literally only politicians and activists against him, they’re all going to lose a ton of support going after him as long as he keeps calling them out on it… It’ll slow it down. These people still need to get elected and musk is one of the most well liked and admired people alive.

He’s said a lot of things.

Millions of people voted to allow Trump back, were those bots? Or were those millions of “ordinary people” who had always been “allowed to be heard”?

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People will believe and do what the Techno-political Media Complex tell them to, for the most part.

People who are unable to defend themselves filter information through a “is this a popular opinion” lense rather than a “is this true” lense, as an evolved survival strategy

If the Complex says other people don’t like him, people will stop liking him


Orcus, in this very thread, is the perfect exemplification of this…


I don’t think so but we will see… i talk to people in real life a lot and musk gets brought up a lot… He’s super well liked by real people.

Be careful what you read on the internet most of it isn’t real… People with multiple accounts, activists both paid and unpaid, bots, etc.


You want a more real account of what people think on social media look at LinkedIn (most profiles are real people) or look at Facebook (only friends or friends of friends not randoms there’s still lots of fake accounts)… That will give you a better indication of real life.

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We’ve seen this repeatedly and now the chant is “free speech is bad”


Beep bop Russian bot #69696969 reporting for duty!

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So despite claiming to clean up the bots, Elon bases his CEO decisions on public polls gamed by bot swarms? Is that what you’re saying? lol

Since Ryunz is ducking the question, maybe you can answer for him…do you think the few tens of thousands of banned accounts were the only “ordinary people” of the hundreds of millions of Twitter users? Who were some “ordinary people” that were banned and what were they banned for?

How did you get that from me making fun of your post? You have reach like Jon Jones!


He has this weird habit of saying “so what you’re saying is…” and stating something that was never even implied. He’s like the Cathy Newman of the OG.


Thank Republican Jesus for the OG sheepdogs!

When he reinstated Trump after the poll, he responded to a bunch of tweets pointing out the poll was probably a way to check for bot activity, so unlikely he’s actually using the polls to make these decisions.


I don’t think there is a coordinated effort against him by the Dems; at least, I haven’t been activated or received my ‘anti-Elon shill’ orders yet.

The guy is intentionally poking anyone and everyone he can, he’s learned the power of outrage/meme marketing. No doubt he’s going to upset people and they’ll push back. I just hope he hasn’t messed up, the Dems/Libs kept him afloat for >a decade to grow TSLA and SpaceX, I don’t want to see that ruined over dank memes.

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How exactly did they keep him afloat?