Muskie season ... hit double digits.

I enjoy targeting Muskie , now that I’m getting older, and this is my 10th of the year, a healthy 36er or better Fat and fit … :slight_smile:

What state you fishing?

are they tasty?

No one eats them. Well not many people do anyways. I’ve fished them for years and never ate one. I would assume they are like pike and full of bones

I live on the Trent river in Ontario… 10 in a season is a pretty good number around here.

Rambo John J - 

are they tasty?

I’m a catch and release guy… but no they are not tasty, they have the biggest reputation as the toughest fresh water fighting fish in Canada.

I catch pickerel if I want a fish fry…

When I was up there I caught a lot of Pike and had a blast, amazing fun fishing for those things. Would love to have caught a big mean ass Muskie but never did.

You must be freezing you ass off fishing up there this time of year

Musky aren't hard fighting fish.

Impressive man. Muskie are hard to get around here although I dont really target them. Ive hooked a few over the years and they are a blast to pull in. 

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Musky aren't hard fighting fish.


Would love to catch a muskie. All I ever catch are bluegill, trout, carp, catfish, and the occasional gar. 

Some buddies have caught some monster spoonbill, I haven’t been so lucky. 

What Southern California saltwater species would you guys compare a musky in fighting ability to? 

Awesome GF!  Nothing like these Fall Fatties!  

To the people saying muskies dont fight hard, they are a typical esox.  If they strike away from the boat, they might seem lethargic until they see the boat or the net.  Believe me a 55 inch muskie is the size of a toddler and will fight like fuck, especially on boatside strikes. 

But muskie anglers do not aspire to "fight the fish".  We use very heavy rods and line in order to muscle the fish into the net as quickly as possible, stressing the fish out as little as we can.  This is why we always revive the fish because of their fragility.  Along those lines GF, try to never set the fish down anywhere in the boat (if you use a bump board, get it wet before placing the fish down).  A quick photo and belly support and then back in the water she goes! 

I learned a shitton from the Ugly Pike Podcast which is just muskie talk.  Gord Pyzer recently said when you get a muskie in the boat, take a breath.  When you are ready for your next breath, so is the fish.  Get it back in the water.  These fish look so menacing but they are extremely fragile.  

But there is nothing like hunting monster muskies.  

Screen name checks out

Im gonna be in Gatineau Quebec at end of November hunting muskies on the ottawa river in -15 degree temps.  Cant fucking wait.  Also should be able to hook up with my bud John Anderson, one of the best muskie minds in the world.   woot! 

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What Southern California saltwater species would you guys compare a musky in fighting ability to? 

Skipjack tuna. 

I made that up, I have no idea, I’ve never caught a musky. 

Muskie are fun to catch…

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What Southern California saltwater species would you guys compare a musky in fighting ability to? 

the allure of muskie is not the fight per se.  The fish fights and is ferocious yes but like i said before, the fight isnt really what this fish is known for or why muskie hunters seek them.  

People target muskie because it is the most difficult of the freshwater fish to make bite.  It is the apex predator and so it doesnt have to strike everything it sees.  Big muskies, esp in Canadian waters, are old and wise, educated fish who are skeptical of everything they see.  

Finding them is an immense challenge that can take days or weeks.  Getting one to bite can take even longer.  Some anglers go all season without a fish.  

It is the ultimate challenge and anglers are rewarded for hours and hours of painfully pulling huge baits with tons of resistance through the water time after time by getting to put their hands into the jaw of a massive head, and hoist it up out of the net. There is nothing like unhooking and raising up a 50+ inch muskie.  Your knees shake and your heart pounds.  It is awesome