Musk's new house

I’m just tired of his constant crypto manipulation, hate his cars and think his colonizing Mars shit is a joke. I do appreciate what he has done for rocket tech thought. I’m just bitter about the crypto stuff.

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this article is all sorts of fake news

“Elon Musk’s New Permanent Home Is a $50,000 Box”

“Musk tweeted that his primary residence now is a small rented house”

y’all getting sold wolf tickets

i would like to see the specs of the boxabl … i wonder why it is only 50k instead of the 100k the other prefabs are charging

I’m going to have a Tesla shipped to me and then I’m gonna live in the shipping box

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At this point, it’s simply about differentiating yourself from the “competition”. Sure you can get a $100 million ranch, sure you can buy super mega-yatchs, sure you can hook up with countless instagram-quality THOTS. But you’ll just be a clone of every other super-rich person out there.

I don’t know… I think that would make it harder. Living in a tiny space like that, I’d be thinking, “WTF am I doing here when I can afford to live literally anywhere I want?”

If I had his money, Id be happy in a nice condo.

Guys. sell your crypto and buy one of my amazing box houses!
Seriously, all the silicon valley CEOs are going to buy them. So you’d better hurry!