Muslim Migrant Crackdown in Hungary


At first glance, the video looks like a Hollywood thriller. Set to strident, aggressive music, it shows a group of muscular men using motorbikes, helicopters and even horses to race across the countryside in pursuit of human quarry.

When the targets are captured, they are wrestled to the ground and their hands bound as the patrol members, in camouflage clothing, stand menacingly over them.

But the ‘narrator’ whose voice can be heard over these chilling scenes is not a highly-paid movie star. He is, in fact, a provincial politician, and his message is unequivocal: ‘Hungary is a bad choice for migrants.’

He’s been true to his word. His team of bounty hunters have caught hundreds of immigrants trying to make it into Hungary, on the way to neighbouring Austria and beyond, on the so-called Balkan smuggling route. The man’s name is Laszlo Toroczkai, a charismatic 45-year-old mayor who has made it his life’s work to prevent what he calls the destruction of his country.

Disturbingly, his views are increasingly being echoed by his compatriots.

Mayor Toroczkai is in charge of a small Hungarian town called Asotthalom, on the border with Serbia — a nation still outside the EU — which was pitched into the centre of the refugee crisis in 2015, when thousands of immigrants started pouring across the unprotected border each day.


With locals in Asotthalom — a traditional farming town with a population of 5,000 — finding groups of immigrants sleeping in their gardens and outbuildings, and others watching aghast as thousands streamed through the centre of the village on their way through Europe, the mayor decided enough was enough.

He has introduced a zero-tolerance policy against all migrants, saying that the very future of Europe is at stake because of people he calls Muslim ‘invaders’ and ‘future terrorists’, and has vowed to stop this movement of people.

‘It is very important for the village to preserve its traditions,’ he says. ‘We can see large Muslim communities in western Europe that haven’t been able to integrate — and we don’t want to have the same experience here.’

He has announced new rules for the town he runs, and wants the rest of Hungary to follow suit, banning the building of mosques, making the Muslim call to prayer illegal, and banning the burqa and the ‘burkini’ swimsuit. He says the measures are key to preventing Muslims ‘causing fear, alarm and shock among the locals’.

There is no doubt that millions of his fellow countrymen share his distaste for migrants. The most obvious manifestation of this is the forbidding wire fence — dubbed the new ‘Iron Curtain’ by some — that now stretches 110 miles along the border with Serbia.

The border with Serbia is now protected with 100 miles of forbidding wire fencing, dubbed the new 'Iron Curtain' by some.

It was built by Hungarian prisoners and topped with razor wire. It is also fitted with sophisticated monitoring devices which sound an alarm if the fence is damaged.

In addition, thousands of police and soldiers have been drafted in to patrol the fence — with instructions to forcibly return migrants to Serbia, even when they have made it past the fence and are on their way through Hungary to their final destination.

According to human rights groups and migrants I spoke to this week, the police regularly mete out extreme violence to those trying to sneak into Hungary, beating them and setting dogs on them to try to deter them from making any further attempts.

The mayor’s campaign has struck such a strong chord with local people that it has prompted the Hungarian government to follow suit and join this ‘iron fist’ crackdown against anyone illegally trying to enter the country.

Viktor Orban, the country’s prime minister, has positioned himself as the defender of Europe’s Christian tradition, saying that ‘everything which is now taking place before our eyes threatens to have explosive consequences for the whole of Europe’.

After becoming the first EU leader to endorse Donald Trump as U.S. President, Mr Orban also warned that ‘we shouldn’t forget that the people who are coming here grew up in a different religion and represent a completely different culture. Most are not Christian, but Muslim.’


It is a debate in which Hungary is utterly uncompromising. To understand why, one must understand how Hungary’s bitter opposition to Muslims, stretching back centuries to the invasion and occupation by Ottoman Muslim rulers for 150 years until 1699. Ever since, it has seen itself as a bulwark against Islamic inroads into Europe. The recent mass migration of people from the Middle East and beyond has now inflamed those deep-rooted cultural tensions once more.

Along with the crackdown on the border and the banning of Muslims, Hungary is also planning to hold all migrants not sent back to Serbia in detention centres until their legal claims have been assessed.

‘We are going to introduce new measures: no migrants, not even those who have already issued their request for asylum, can move freely, whether they are entitled to political asylum, refugee status or anything else,’ said Zoltán Kovács, a Hungarian government minister.

Predicting that Hungary’s crackdown will go down ‘like a bomb’ in Brussels, the government has vowed to defy the Schengen agreement, which allows the free movement of people in the so-called Schengen area, of which Hungary is a part.


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Bounty hunters chasing migrants on horses/helicopters/motorbikes, 110 mile razor wire fence with devices to detect if it's damaged, border patrolled by army and police, mosque ban, burka ban, dogs and violence used, only 16 migrants were accepted, locals support it, migrants say they just want free stuff in Britain/France/Germany.

Hilarious how the article try's to paint him as a. Ad guy.  Guys a hero.

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good for him

Sounds like a practical guy that wants his country to survive. We could a couple of him around the US - 

I guess they arent ito child rape and mass murders or allowing thier culture to be eroded, weird.  

Hungary gives no fucks. Japan also gives no fucks

love these guys some real men left in the world.

Did kirik write that fucking article? The writing is terrible. Good for Hungary not giving in to what other people think their country should be doing with itself.


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Hungary is always on the wrong side of history. 

I love when he directs them where to go lol!

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I guess they arent ito child rape and mass murders or allowing thier culture to be eroded, weird.  

Lets not forget the beautiful tradition of female genital mutilation and stoning just to name a few.