Muslim movie

Here is the link.

I haven't watched it yet but decided to post it as it may be taken down by google soon. I am not posting this to cause trouble but because I believe in free speech. Let's see what happens and what people think.

I watched it and it didn't seem any different from any other anti-muslim clips on you tube so I don't get what all the fuss is about.

Those extremists guys are scary, and I don't understand why they hate Jewish people so much. Is it because of the land issue, the Koran, or what. I don't get it.

Birth right. Plus, fundy muslims believe that only pure Islam can be practiced with the world living under SHARIA.

Alot of good material out there, easily accessible.

Muslims mean business.

Yes, free speech must be protected. I get alot of good rub over my opinions on this forum, but it helps to grow. Too bad the muslims don't believe this.

Its not just islam its all fundies.

Just look what the fundie christians want to do in your country.