Mussina was Awesome

gotta give him major props for that showing

schilling looked like shit

gotta love the close games no matter which way they fall

sox in 5 still

I think Schilling's ankle is still jacked, if that's the case I doubt he'll be better the next time around. Great job of the Sox to make a game of it after being down huge early. Ran through a lot of pitching though didn't they?

Btw, I'm not gonna be able to bet you again in the future. I didn't really want to bet against the Sox this year anyways since I knew they'd beat my A's had we even made it. But they didn't, and now I'm stuck betting on a team that I hate to beat a team that I dislike all because I want to change some fucker's screen name. WTFINGFUCK?!?!!?

lol, fuck the Yankees, I'd rather the Sox win. That's why I'm not going to partake in any more of these sn bets after I change your name to Steinbrenner's Bitch. :)

P.S. Mussina was awesome, but I was hootin and hollerin like a mofo when they busted his game and made it competitive. lol, Mussina looked like he was gonna break out in tears at one point when they showed him in the dugout.

To shut down that lineup for 6+ innings is incredible. He made a mistake on the 0-2 pitch and seemed to lose his concentration at that point.

There is not one easy out in the Sox lineup. No way Damon is going to be shut down like that again. To me, he is the key to Sox offense. He has always been a Yankee killer, that's why I was surprised to see him K 4 times last night.