Must find a job in Sacramento. Any tips?

As in good places to look. I've already drove around and applied to pretty much every retail and resturant around. Although I'm trying to find a job where I get paid a little bit more hourly than minimum wage. I would be fine with a general labor or some type. 


So, aside from you living in the area and telling me a good place to apply, how do some of you Og'ers find jobs? I've already hit up craigslist and all that. 


I Neeeeeeeeeeed to hurry up and find a job so I can afford to start training here in Sacramento.


I guess I should of meant is there any other websites besides craigslist that I'm missing....besides the obvious

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Also: chippendales are always hiring. Are you allergic to coconut oil? Phone Post

I think there police department is hiring Phone Post 3.0

in terms of personal safety, I think craigslist would be the worst place to look.

play off your strengths and your background. If you don't seem personable and don't have the look, retailers might not hire you but maybe you could work in a warehouse easily if you look like you're in shape. Maybe you should list your experience and what you're interested in so OG'ers can better help you.

Good luck bro Phone Post 3.0

I have experience in HVAC and Retail that's about it. :/ 


If I can get an interview any where though, I'm confident I can get the job. 

Verizon and Apple call centers out here are usually hiring. The pay is pretty decent from what I've heard. I wouldn't recommend staying in that environment, but it could be something temporary until better opportunities open up. Phone Post

Did you look through the jobs listed on the website I posted? Tons of positions of all kinds. Phone Post

Yes, I did and have been. Indeed was awesome as well. Vote ups to you both if I haven't already. 

iHazpoopz -

I have experience in HVAC and Retail that's about it. :/ 


If I can get an interview any where though, I'm confident I can get the job. 

Please give me more details about your work experience. I live in Sacramento and hope I can help. Phone Post 3.0

SMUD is a great employer so keep an eye on them.

The state has 90 hydro station positions open right now(some located in Sac) and they pay really well now.

PG&E Corp & Calpine are all in the area too.

If you can get yourself into an entry level gig at any of these places you will be set with a solid career path in front of you(I'm a power plant operator, make north of 100/yr, and only work 14-16 out of 28 days compared to 20/28 with a mon-fri.)

take civil servant exams

gov jobs be da bomb...