Must haves training in bjj and mma

MMA Playwright -

Hint: something that this ump could have used

Possible "in" gif Phone Post


Ttt Phone Post

A rash guard if you're grappling. Unless you want a nice dose of impetigo, staph, ringworm...

How can you not wear a cup? Nothing worse than being on the bottom position in half guard and taking one to the Niagara Falls. Phone Post 3.0

Ttt Phone Post

Herbish1 -
Ten eight round -
Herbish1 - I've never worn a cup, even during mma and stand up sparring, a mouthpiece is all that's needed, and a gi if it's gi class Phone Post 3.0

Saving on those vasectomy costs I see.. Phone Post

Lol I've only had one solid ball shot, I'm not too worried. Phone Post 3.0

This is not true if you're regularly sparrinf Phone Post 3.0