Mutual Combat Law exist in only two states(in USA)

Washington, and Texas

If two parties agree verbally and/or in writing to combat, as long as there are no serious injuries and no property damage is done, it’s legal.

Not too many people are aware about this. I only know about this b/c some fuckhead last year talked shit online and it was in a community type of group so I assumed he wouldn’t live far away, and I advised him if he wanted to talk the same way in person it could be arranged.

He actually invited me to fight, and I accepted. I drove to his place, ended up whooping his ass, but afterwards he still called the cops like a bitch. The thing is, is that the cops weren’t going to do shit because of how it all transpired, it was actually legal within the mutual combat law. The cops never even investigated or interigated me and I know for a fact they were called because he called them in my presence.(I dipped out soon after though)

I state this, because A LOT of people NEED TO BE PUNCHED IN THE FACE, and I’m sure plenty of those people reside in Washington and in Texas. So, try to be smart, try to get them to admit in writing that they’d be okay with an agreed fist fight, and you can actually whoop their ass without getting into any trouble.

Now go punch someone deserving :slight_smile:


I assumed there were more than just two. Always thought Nevada was a mutual combat state. First time I ever heard of the term was from that super hero vigilante guy and I believe he was in Washington.


Phoenix Jones I believe.

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Not for me bro. Had to go to the police station and register my hands as lethal weapons in all 50 states and US territories.

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I know. You’re the exception. There’s an addendum in every police station mentioning you as the lone exception.

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I was interigated once.

It was horrible.

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I thought Colorado too?


He and his brother were both MMA fighters.

Phoenix actually got busted tho…selling molly… last year

He also got beat up by PVZ husband in MMA


There used to be Fighting Words as well. You could kick someone’s ass (without weapons) if something that they said was so egregious that a reasonable person would be so offended that they would want to fight.

In CA, it is a crime to say things that would cause a reasonable person to respond violently. The actual fight still isn’t legal, though.