Mutual Combat: MMA adept hits replacement opponent with the planet Earth

A couple of tough guys in a parking lot found out the hard way that facing an MMA fighter in a street fight has some harsh consequences.

Short-notice replacements in UFC fights are a common occurrence. However, you don’t see that too much when it comes to a street fight. Yet, in the embedded video below that’s exactly what happened.

MMA Fighter KO’s Dude With a Nasty Street Fight Slam

In the footage, we drop in on a parking lot scene with tough-guy trash talk and posturing, as a shirtless man and a fellow in a black t-shirt seem to be gearing up to trade hands. We also have an older-looking individual who plays the role of a fight promoter in trying to get the pair to engage in fisticuffs.

Eventually, let’s call them Skins and Black Tee. decide it’s go-time. However, unbeknownst to us, Skins is riding an invisible skateboard and is backpedaling throughout this parking lot bout. There are a couple of exchanges, but Black Tee is getting the best of them, and even unloaded a solid calf kick in one trade of strikes. It becomes clear after a minute that Skins wants nothing to do with this fight after taking a couple of good shots, and will backtrack his way around the lot indefinitely in order to avoid more abuse.

With Skins uninterested in continuing, Black Tee determines there is nothing left to prove and decides to walk off. However, that’s when the promoter seems to get involved, and we find out he is friends with Skins.

"You wanna kick, homeboy?” asks the promoter. The two exchange further words, and the promoter tags in, replacing his friend in this parking lot championship of the night.

The promoter takes one last pull from his cigarette, and like his friend, he too removes his shirt [although he has a tank top underneath, so let’s call him White Tank] and stalks down Black Tee. White Tank too takes a calf kick from Black Tee. But this one completely knocks him to the ground.

Feeling embarrassed, the promoter returns to his feet and stalks forward like Jason from Friday the 13th. Waiting for him when he reaches his target is a nasty double-leg takedown and knockout slam on the concrete.

The promoter is out cold and the fight is over. This street fight became another showcase of how being a trained bad-ass is very different than being a street-trained version.


Technical Breakdown

In the initial scuffle, Black Tee presses forward in a standard MMA stance, moving his head when in range, particularly while throwing punches, and in no small part getting a good defense via a good offense. The opponent eventually backs out entirely, wisely.

When White Tank enters the fray, he has zero sense of distance management and moves forward right into a low kick that drops him. That causes him to lose emotional control, and charge forward, out of control.

That sets him up for a takedown that could easily have ended in the ICU. A takedown is relatively easy against someone with no takedown defense, who is trying to throw straight head punches.

There are larger issues at play, however, than how to defend yourself on the street. The back of the head striking concrete as seen in this video can and has led to death. Voluntarily fighting on a hard surface is not rational.

Becoming the Parking Lot Champion of 7:15 pm on a random Thursday is not worth either dying, or killing someone and being brought up on charges. There is no pay. And fighting people who can’t fight is not a major life accomplishment.

In sum, if you like to fight, fight your friends, in the gym. In sum, only punch your friends, if you have any choice at all.