Highlight footage from MXC fight night in Bloomington, IN 2-28-08

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how was the crowd turn out?

We sold about $2000 more tix than last time! Our next show is april 19th if you got any ammys for me let me know!
Show is getting better each time and the production value for an amatuer show is ridiculous, Jake's is an amazing venue...

congrats! i'll post something for you on my website and send an email to my email list that your looking for ammy's.

Thanks Dude, i tried to get into navigating your website but I do so much on Facebook, myspace, my own email on yahoo, and here its hard for me to get into another website!!!

If anyone is interested in fighting ammy on April 19th contact
Chris Higi

 grandchampion : Dear  grandchampion

Very Goooooooooood

Congratulation To you

Very Excelent!!!