My 2 mins with Andrei "The Pitbull" Arlovski

Hello to all,

I have a small story to share with you guys. When I told it to my friend (who visits this forum everyday) he convinced me to share it on this forum.

Last week I was in Belarus, Minsk (country next to Russia...) to visite my father. As you obviosly know Arlovski is also born here.

I am sitting at my gate waiting for my plane to Warschau, Poland.
10 mins before boarding I see Arlovski coming to the gate...I immediately stop listening to my mp3 and start staring to see if it's really him...
I obviosly was smiling from this point on.

Just before people started getting in line to board the plane I went to him and asked in Russian: (I was the only one who knew who he was)

me: "Excuse me, are you Arlovski?"
arlovski: "Yes" (in a cool non caring way)
me:"Can I take your picture?"
arlovski: "yes" (still in a cool non caring way)
me:"it's a bad one can I take one more?"
me:"I also watched your new movie, Universal Soldier: Regeneration, it was really good"
arlovski: "It's not out yet..." (starting to care and show some facial expressions)
me:"uhh...I downloaded it from the internet...sorry"
arlovski: "oh...ok..."

That's when I wisely boarded the plane.

Here are the pictures, one worse than the other.

Now do your magic UG forum!

he looks pissed.

What a shitty pic.

And you look like a baboo baby.

Fuck Russia must be depressing

You should sell this story to Hollywood,next paranormal activity waiting to happen.

K-Dub-"T" - 
Bigriver - Fuck Russia must be depressing

 Well in Andrei's defense, the guy just told him that he was stealing the movie form the interewebs and therefore from his pocket. Who would be happy about that?
He's lucky didn't get.... Arlovski'd.

I'm sure Arlovski already got paid for doing the movie but, I can see where you are coming from.

I doubt Arlovski gets royalties from ticket sales on this epic blockbuster ;p

Arlovsky doesn't look too pumped.

I'm sure you made up for it.

 Dana will find you!!!!


Sexiest of Sexys - You should sell this story to Hollywood,next paranormal activity waiting to happen.

If you help me achieve this I am willing to split the profits.

 Thanks for sharing... lol