my 2004 record

My 2004 record was by best year so far I only had 10 fights vs other years of 16 or more.
I ended the year with a win- my professional record in 2004 was 7-3-0 I plan on training really hard this year 2005 and make a huge comeback. I am returing from Iraq- "Back from Iraq" with good training and picking better fights (my weight class) I plan on getting a few more wins before I retire.

Best wishes, Shannon "The Cannon"

With 10 fights thats almost 1 fight per month. That is active. Many fighters only fight 1-3 times a year.
This year 2005, I plan to fight 12-15 times.

Sounds good, but what would that weight be at?

170 lbs to 185lb Lightweight/Middleweight
No more 205lbs heavyweight fights.Im too small to fight heavyweight.(lol)

Hey Shannon I think we still have an unused plane ticket with your name on it. Maybe you will have to use it when you get back.

U should fight manny reyes.... that be dope! And keep it standing since he obviously thinks ground game is cheap.

ttThe Cannon!

You sell Shannon the Cannon tshirts?

Shannon...I'm 170

: )