My 3-Step SECRET tips to Winning!

This is actually part of a reply to the COmbat Hapkido thread and after writing it [at 2:30 AM] and rereading it, I realized I was in one of my trances and thought it should be a thread of its own....

its an explanation in part on my philosophy of organization as it relates to preparing 'you' for 'your' fight [as opposed to preparing you to fight like me for your fight - light bulbs anyone??].

Here it is:

Some may construe comments or comparisons of other methods as 'put downs' of those methods, they are I want to remind all about the limitations of posting on threads, without live interactive communication, a lot is lost....

My system, as defined by me and as interpreted by those who post, is purley about understanding how to train for personal safety based on 'your' goals, your fears, your lifestyle, your level of awareness etc...and it changes as you change...that is the personal connection people have who really discover the PDR method, SPEAR SYSTEM, etc.

Styles, no matter how great the research, or the master, limit the personal expression of the practitioner who is bound by default to the parameters and limitations of a controlled method of the training; that is the nature and reality of 'style'.


Because, once a system is organzied, codified, structured, graded, and assembled into steps & stages, then linear logic, osmosis and our behavioral organzational system with its inherent limitations coupled with our Pavlovian need for feedback and praise aligns us with the goals and map of the system we are investing in.

Whats interesting is that only a select group are able to grasp this truth, and there fore grasp the power of the PDR program. The program is ultimately about YOU, not me.

Interestingly, many people from the eclectic community have criticized me for never giving concrete replies in the ME, I have been criticized on occaison for lacking structure....

How many have misunderstood the MAP 'I hand over' at our PDR sessions and in my videos...not realizing the philosophy I subscribe to [preparing 'you' for 'your' fight - as opposed to preparing you to fight like me for your fight!].

Many so called experts do not see the meta-structure of anti-structure, of replication vs simulation theory or adversity Murphy conversion drilling vs finessed technique drills and so on...what ultimately is missed is how this all applies to tactical confidence, spontaneity and personal defense readiness.


NIce. Very nice.



I suppose you could say a "good" martial arts instructor/coach provides the tools and lets you use those tools to create your own personal way of self-defense.

A "not so good" instructor offers tools, but then forces you to use them according to the instructor's paradigm of combat, which was passed on to him from his instructor, etc. etc.. All other possibilities are considered "wrong" because they do not conform to that martial art's paradigm of what self-defense should be.

For example, die-hard Judo instructors believe throwing is superior, tae-kwon-do instructors believe high kicks are superior, brazillian jujitsu instructors believe going to the ground is superior, etc..

If you study brazillian jujitsu and try to stay on your feet and strike the whole time, you will be told, "You can't do that. That's not how we do things." You will be told the same thing if you try a single-leg take down in tae-kwon-do, or try eye-gouging in judo, or try biting in an NHB sport style. Of course there are exceptions, but more often than not that is the rule.

In my opinion, Mr. Blauer not only has the superior tools, but he encourages us to use those tools as we see fit. That's why I'm here. :)