My 3rd fight @HookNshoot(vid)

They released the final from the Hooknshoot Women's tourney on the Vault today. The tournament included four 125ers and four 135ers, and the winners of each bracket were to fight each other. Not very fair to the 125ers but that is the reason for the visible size difference. I'm a big girl who likes to eat!

You freak!!!

ttt - great fights

TTT- That was awesome! Congrats!

what did u do, break her ribs?

I saw this last night, you got some fast hands and vicious kicks and knees. You scare me a little!

Yeah, the paramedics said that they thought she had fractured ribs. Not for sure though. She was pretty cool, we spit a pizza later at the after party.


2 knockouts in a combined 55 seconds (I think thats what I remember reading).. Im in love!

Wow great fight, formats pretty rough for the 125'er though.

Congrats Kaitlin!

When are you fighting again?

When is the next UFC? We gotta eat mini BLT's, and you need to see my new truck :-)


holy shit! that was an amazing display. congrats!



thats all i got to say bout that.


Wow! The field in Women's MMA is getting deeper.

I am not sure about my next fight yet. I did read on Sam Caplan's site that Gina may be making her MMA return on the May 31st show and that they might be considering myself or Cris Cyborg to fight her. Cross your fingers

This is the same guy that spilled the beans about me signing with Elite before I told anyone, so I'd guess that he gets a hold of information before the rest of us fairly often.


*edited to include link*

I saw that last night. It's strange how often we get news about ourselves from the internets.