My '73 Mach 1 (pics)

Here are some pics I took of my 1973 Mach 1.

351C, C-6....

This is the 1st car that i ever bought, about 8 years ago.

I havent done that much too it, and currently I am having the trans rebuild at Joels on Joy, for you detroit guys.

Top end of the engine has been rebuilt. Heads are the BIG 4bbl cleveland ones. Valve job. Crane springs and pushrods, Melling cam, edelbrock double roller timing chain, performer rpm intake, holley 4160 750cfm, msd ignition, dist. and coil. Hookers backed up with a set of flowmasters.

Anyway, it was fun to build and is where I first learned to wrench.

Looking to sell it as soon as pop the trans back in and cruise up telegraph a few times.

Oh, btw, I am now looking for a '66 nova. Anyone near michigan know of anyone looking to sell, let me know.

oh, btw, if any blue would post those for me id appreciate it. thanks.

351C, or 351W?

Nice car! 

Thanks guys. It was a great learning process.

351 Clev. btw

Very Mad Max-ish

I like it.