My 92 Civic Hatchback Build!

 hey guys hope you like the build its  1992 honda civic hatchback powered by a JDM  K20 R motor. Ill ttt the thread as new pics are added. it'll be done very soon.

My little brother used to have one of those. Stock though. I love hatchbacks, even better with turbo motors. Is it an entry level track car (brakes, coilovers, camber) or just for street?

I never really looked into Civics before, but who would deny that this car wouldn't be fun to run around in town? Fun sleeper car right there.

"pretty good story behind the car. basically i got this car after high school and i played with it here and there but my focus was more directed toward MMA and i didnt have alot of money. well when i chose to move to american top team in jan of 06 i had to sell the car so i could buy one with working a/c, less miles and engine damage. the hatch had like over 200k, black interior, no ac and was lowered to the ground, it would be unbearable in south florida. and as soon as i sold it i regretted it but there was no option. good thing was i sold it to one of my closest friends who had a hatch of his own. he sold it to a guy we knew who sold it to another friend so it stayed within reach. well i guess a year ago or more i spoke with the most previous owner and let him know i wanted that same car back and he sold it to me after he repainted it red. Here we are ,two submissions of the night later, and i decided it was time to put the kswap in it. Killerperformance has been doing swaps since before i even was exposed to the import scene in 2002, and he is a close friend, so that was really the only choice for me, as i can trust him with the car and my money. this is still only the beginning, i plan on never letting this car get away from me again."

nice, im running an eg5 with a b18cr in it. not as hectic as a k series, but still pretty good
however, im looking to modernise and get into the new vw polo gti. however u look at it, its a 15+ yo car

Nice. What kinda hp/times do you expect to get out of it?

 honestly with full interior and a/c in it stock internals just boltons im expecting somewhere around 220 -230 hp  and if its tuned with the kpro/hondata  low 12s.... i saw a video of a guy  with stripped interior , same motor also stock tuned ran low/mid 11's. but this is going to be a street car, i want it to be total package, speed, comfort , and cleanliness. hence the more jdm look.

That'd be awesome. I love sleepers. :D

You might get a kick out of this. Not quite a sleeper though, lol:

I saw a pic of it about a year or two ago on a lift with the motor sitting in it and we all thought it was either a joke or a photochop. Turns out it's not, lol. Twin-turbo 6.0 Powerstroke diesel in a Honda Civic, courtesy of Outlaw Diesel.

It's supposed to be at the PRI Convention in FL next month.

 craziness... yeah i kind of always liked the total packed of speed/style/comfort....that car is like a kickboxer that cant wrestle or do jiu jitsu, or even look good kickboxing haha.

Those things are quicker than I thought even stock. I've got a friend with a newish Civic SI and it's actually got a little bit of pepper on the pedal. More than I would've thought anyway.<br /><br />Have you made any more progress on yours or do we have to wait 'til after Thanksgiving like it says? :D

 yeah def gotta wait till thankgiving unfortunately

do you plan on taking it to the track? 

 definitely going to take it to the track, not really intersted in seeing what i can get out of the motor so mch as out of the car....meaning im not looking to do any weight reduction or interior stripping or anything like that. I want to see what i can get out of it as is, just like itll be driven on the street.  right now im just looking to pay attn to style at the moment, also i only drive it when im in georgia, so ill be able to have more time for it after my next fight jan 22.

I've had a few Civic/CRX, and even a 'teg at one time. Awesome engineering from the factory. About 10 years ago I came REALLY close to selling the 11-second '67 Firebird that I had, and doing an Endyn ( inspired supercharged B18 conversion in the CRX I had at the time.

Endyn/Larry Widmer/T.O.O./The Old One is the old guy (probably later 60's, maybe older?) that had the stock looking Civic in Hot Rad magazine about 10 years ago, that was running 11's back then (one of only 2 Hondas I know of, that Hot Rod has ever bothered to mention).

Here is a tip for you. Your air cleaner location SUCKS!! It will perform fine on a dyno, with your hood up and a fan blowing hard. Make a dyno pull with the hood closed and the motor FULLY warmed up, and see what happens.

You need to pull outside air, or you are just throwing away horsepower.

 ttt ive updated the thread with lots of pictures;posted=1#post1172848

wheres interior shots?
need a nardi wheel and some recaros
also needs the dc2r rear sway bar

i took some interior shots, you can see all dash pieces(cluster, clock, climate control,) are jdm. as for seats, i have already ordered Bride seats and a spoon steering wheel, as far as rear sway im thinking maybe dc2 but asr makes one and a 32 mm upgrade, that may be the way to go.... much more goodies ive ordered as well, but the car is in ga, and im training in florida, ill take more pics after jan 22 when i fight wiman. All these parts that come in from japan take forever sadly :(


I'm on my second K series engine - but both were stock

05 RSX S

2009 Civic Si

Can't wait to see more pics.

 me rikey

 pics updated