My ADCC Pics - Day 2

Penny faces an uphill battle

Hannette follows the trend and goes for a heel hook

Michelle works a triangle on Luanna

Luanna returns the favour with a heel hook

Fabricio needs no reminder who he is fighting

Toquinho tries a heel hook for a change

 Rickson [by armbar]

Down on points, Kron goes for a strong guillotine on Marcelinho

Few can believe Marcelo doesn't tap

Kron gives it his all

JJ Machado keeps time

Glover works his foot attacks

 Pablo has never seen the inside of a gym. Well, maybe once or twice.

Rickson hides his thoughts

Calasans tries a can-opener on Kron

Kron returns the favour with a guillotine

Claudio looks for a heel hook

7 BJJ and 3 ADCC World titles, but Hannette is stuck...

 ...Hannette is out of options

Father & Son

Michelle tries to submit Kyra

Michelle working for a foot

Werdum surely must submit from here?


 Rubber Arms and Rubber Guard?

Still trailing on points... one last try

But Vinny "Pezao" takes the Gold!

Playing to type, Toquinho looks for a foot...

...and tries to take Galvao's heel home with him

...and tries again

 Andre has other ideas...

..thanks God (and his yoga instructor)

No love lost here... their 8th meeting

Mendes tries one way...

...then another

...then another


No submission, but 2 ADCC titles are now his

Vitor battles Joao Assis...

...and celebrates with his brother

Monson bearing it, but not grinning

 Sergio Moraes tries a knee bar

Vitor tries to foot lock Pablo Popovitch

Xande stops Gunnar Nelson in his tracks

Gunnar tries a guillotine but to no avail

Moraes finds his new backpack uncomfortable

Kron corners

 Santana tries to take Galvao's foot off

Xande celebrates...prematurely

Popovitch makes it into the Absolute Final

Sperry and Renzo share a joke

But Mario makes sure he seals a win

 Renzo gets a belated 2 points for taking down the ref



Good work. Phone Post

Awesome pics man! Phone Post


that picture of braulio lifting up vitor is amazing. vitor looks like he's 10. love it.

very good pics man! love the captions!

who was kron cornering?

 Awesome pics!!

jude099 - what's the story with renzo taking the ref down. usually see that in MMA

 He went for a belly slide on the sweat covered mat at the end and accidentally blindsided the ref.

Why is Penny Thomas and Hanette Stack competing with a man?

the photos don't show it, there were ~2k - 2.5k spectators on day 1 and ~3k - 3.5k spectators on day 2, so this edition was far, far better attended than 2007 or 2009.

Barcelona had maybe 400 spectators, Trenton similar. the Pyramid was packed, so maybe 3k?.