My am Title Fight Results

I came on here Friday and mentioned that I had an amateur title fight on June 9th.

To let everyone know, I lost about 1:30 into the fight as I got a "Marvin Eastman" type cut above my left eye from a clash of heads. It happened when I was taking him down and I came down full force when we clashed heads. Just a flesh wound and I will be back at it in a few weeks.

The fight was for the FCFF 145 lbs title. Congrat's to Brien Garber on his new title.

You will be back, keep your head up.

"You will be back, keep your head up."

Keeping his head up is likely what caused him to lose this fight...keep your head down and you chin tucked.

Was it ruled a headbutt? If so, how did you lose?

To be honest, not sure how they ruled it. But it happened when I came down on top of him and we clashed heads. I went out for a couple seconds, because next thing I know is he was on top of me raining down punches. Not sure if they stopped the fight due to the cut or the puches. Either way, they declared him the winner and he took the title. He won "fairly Squarely."