My back has an owie!!

in an attempt to bring joy to all in this most joyous of seasons, I'd like to present some photos... if someone would be so kind as to host/post?? (I wouldnt know the first thing about doing it, I'm a retard - strong arms, but small head).



cool, mine is finished tommorow

looks like you're ahead of me...just finished the outline today

What did ya get??

whats your email addy?

i'm a ink whore now, I'll show anybody that asks, looks vaguely interested, or completely uninterested even!! (have already taken my shirt off in the coffee club and an indian takeaway joint this evening! hehe)

ps. its a three headed dragon - whole back

Sounds sweet.

Strong arms?? When did you get those? :)

btw... My back is next hehe

Updated: see page 3

wheres the ab shot know the pic I speak of!

Look at me, im a hard man...

You guys suck (cooper specifically), your all just benj copying whores!

"I want a back job..." add girly voice whinning here

Looks awsome mate, when does it wash off :)
How long did it take to shave the hair off your back ;0

Looks really good!

When I heard matty was getting tattooed I had a few pictuires racing through my head..... A full back job of a three headed dragon was not what I expected ;)

The tattooist Jimmy KRUETZER is also my tattooist and now Matts student and tattooist.

There was a lot of disbelief when Jimmy and I had a chat re Matt's back job (from bothe ends) and it goes a li'l sumfin like this

JL: "whats he getting??

JK: 3 headed dragon full back job

JL: No way

JK: yeah

JL: shit, not what I expected from Matt

JK: Why's that??

JL: The guy wears nail polish, pink lycra with leopard skin to fight in!

JK: Bullshit (utter laughter and dissbelief...........

Aftermath........... I see the dragon went ahead and looks very very good!

Jimmy was also pretty suprised when I showed him the pictures from extreme images of "I wanna be a cowboy" COOPER from Spartan (V the texan) :D

Anyway it does look really cool!!!!!

How long under the gun Matt? And whats to come?


Taste the pain, people. Goddamn! Congrats on getting a (so far) great looking piece of art placed on your back for all eternity!

I'm still questioning my first. If this bloody thing is going to be permanent, I want it to look good, and impress women (that last bit is optional).

Are you getting a greywash or what? Prolly not cos of the purple in the middle? Or is that just the marking pen.

Although I'm pretty clueless when it comes to tatts, one of my friends has an awesome dragon backpiece, with another one coming over his shoulder to his chest, only one head each tho, lol.

Once you start on your guts or kidney area, or behind the knee, thats when she starts to hurt:0

Misoza, he is going Grey wash. The purple is just the crap they use to stencil the picture on.

"Once you start on your guts or kidney area, or behind the knee, thats when she starts to hurt:0"

Damn straight!!!!!!!
It hurts like DEATH! Not looking forward to finishing my side...

I curse the day I got anything on my side...

thanks for putting the pics up geoff! :)

the arms are from moving lead around the gym andrew, that and dealing with mr smart-mouths that come onto my mat :p (you shut it too clay!)

thankfully I'm not that much man as to have needed a pre-ink shave/wax... thats also the same reason why i havent told my mummy anything about it yet!! shhhhhh!!!

that outline there (forget the blue/purple looking bits) took three hours, will get started on the greying/colouring next monday. the dragons gonna be greywashed and some coloury flash in the background, not 100% settled on that part yet.

and yes, it hurteds!! ...was like riding a bit of a wave pain wise. at the start it hurt cos i was trying to resist, then when i just relaxed and went with the flow it wasnt bad at all... stoopid me had a break though and when came back it hurt the most of all!! i think that also had something to do with location - right on the spine between the shoulder blades was fuct!! is lower back stuff too (dont know how the ladies put up with it! :p) ..and avoid the sides at all costs!!

runway, do you mean two heads or two dragons? i think one three headed dragon is better than either of those anyways... same goes for a water dragon ben!!

speaking of ben... what makes me a benj wannabe? a shaved head, 5 o'clock shadow, having a bad attitude and being completely self-involved, tatts, and being decent at jiujits? pfffffffftt ...all I've added to me is the shaved head and tatts. oh, that and a purple belt :p yup yup beeeoootch!!

Wow. THREE heads!

exactly! ...if two heads are better than one, how frikken good does that make three!! :p