My Beardie eats everything

My beardie is about a year adn a half old and it eats everything in its cage! .... i mean everything, newspaper, plants, tries to eat logs and rocks...... and its definently not underfed.... i am scared to feed it more because it might become fat

Anyone else ever have a similar problem? is there anything i can do .... i find myself almost ready to correct it like you would a dog but i don't think that will do anything

lol mine eats like a pig, but he only eats his food. Try putting more veggies in there for him to snack on between bug meals but maybe he's just destined to become Jabba ;-)

My cat eats boiled zucchini and my other cat eats raisins.

Got a new Corella (bared eyed cockatoo) and he's eating all his fruit and vegetables (which is good cause the other one hated anything but seed).