My Best Butterfly Guard Pass

In this video I show one of my highest percentage Butterfly Guard Passes The Modified Cartwheel.  This is a great option and works at all levels.  I especially like to use it against advanced players as they do not expect a larger player like me to do something like this.
This is distinctly different from a regular cartwheel pass as it starts on your knees and does not require you to support your body weight on your arms.  As a matter of a fact that is one of the hardest part of this pass, it requires you to transition to a position with your feet high and all your weight should be resting on your shoulder (NOT YOUR HEAD).
Once you have brought your opponents ankles into their butt and squeezed (just like every other video I have on Butterfly Guard Passing) it is time to flatten out your opponent and place your head on their chest.  Once they are flat on their back you should reach your hands back into the space between their calf and their thigh.  You do NOT need to grab anything, just to place your hand in that space.
Often you opponent will think you are trying to control their pant legs in order to do the previous pass that I posted.  This can result in your opponent pushing down on the back of your head, this is great as it helps with the pass.
Whatever side your opponent pushes your head to, you will pass your legs to the opposite side.  Make sure that when you hop that you really commit to the hop.  You want your legs to go all the way perpendicular (or more) for this pass to be effective.  If you do not commit to the jump your pass will not be successful.
Once your body is perpendicular it is time to push with the bicep.  This is important as it moves both your body, and your opponents body in opposite directions.  This is the hardest part, by far, of the move and takes a lot of practice.  I highly recommend repping this out before trying to do it during class or a live rolling session.


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