my best friend passed away yesterday

 My best friend died yesterday at a much too young 26 years old. He was a big MMA fan and we'd watch most of the events together.

Funny MMA related story, back in 02 when I roomed with him in college and before he got the cancer, he had a blind date. He comes home at the end of the night and he's like "you'll never believe who my blind date was...I get introduced to her dad, and it's RANDY COUTURE!" He's like "there's no way I'm gonna try anything, he'd probably kill me." lol. They only went out the one time, but it was something we often brought up and joked about. He was a huge Couture fan, and when he first got cancer the next year I was able to get Couture, Henderson, Lindland, and Tanner to sign a good luck t-shirt for him.  It's pinned up on his wall.

RIP Ty, you will be missed and loved.

 RIP, sorry to hear the sad news.

RIP, sorry to hear that bro. Cool story tho.

RIP. Terrible news. Best wishes.

 I'm very sorry to hear that! I know how hard it is to lose someone that you care about.

 Sorry to hear about that.

Sorry to hear it. My parish priest & a childhood friend of mine both died of cancer in the last year... I've started donating to cancer research. You could see if they're taking donations in his name.

Anyway, RIP




 RIP, sorry for your loss man.

 I am so sorry for you and your loss. 


sorry to hear

 Rest in Peace young brother.

 Wow, sorry to hear that.  It's a neat story though.  R.I.P.

 Sorry 4 your loss.   Godd bless and RIP.

RIP and cool story




RIP.....thats too young to pass away...