My big brother was just on radio

My brother was just on a local sports talk radio morning program. They had mention that Tyson was going to fight K1 and had no idea what it was about. He called in and educated them a little bit on K1 and the Japanese love of fighting and spectacles LOL. He also educated them a little on NHB and MMA. They were very nice and joked about it with him. It was very cool. They also let Adam plug the gym and our website on the air. Awesome! Good job bro.Rory Singer
The HardCore Gym

Tell your brother thank you very much!!!

That's a huge coincidence.I am going to be on the radio this afternoon

No doubt John!

John I just spoke to Forrest about you the other day. I told him I woul dget your number and give you his at NAGA.LOL


ttt, sweet, good luck this weekend everyone.