My blog

I started it a few years ago and posted like three times.

Well, I've started it up again. I'd been sending MMA class notes to email group; as an experiment I'm going to post what we work on in class on the blog. I'm not sure if I can but I'm going to post beginner info somewhere it can easily be accessed.

And post info on small group ministry as it develops at our church.

And if i can figure it out the family pics for family and friends.

If i find time I'd like to post movies and reviews that are useful for group discussion or psychotherapy.


Some pics are up.

I'll post about my trip to New Orleans and post pics of the trip soon and pics of the guys I train with.

Why don't you post the spiritual blogs here as well?

rkjmd - you mean post my blog entries as threads here? If so, i figured if anyone was interested they'd click; i think my perspectives on spiritual matters are rather bland/non-controversial for HG.
I'm going to link to HG right now. I didn't realize how much time/work a blog takes. I briefly thought about making a seperate MMA blog but I don't want to get back to compartmentalizing. I just started at a new church and i don't think everyone knows i coach mma.

yes too blan but thats ok we are all brothers here, i am willing to give you one on one private help with being controversial.

i can also give you some tips on being a dick and a Ahole. i have masters degrees in all three


Here I'll give a try at controversy and not mention masturbation.

Rooting against Randy is a Sin!!!! Discuss

only a fool would not be going for randy

Randy is the man yo!

Direct link to MMA related posts is

Beautiful children bro! You sure they're yours? j/k ;-)

I breifly scanned through a few thing there, and I noticed you are a 'sleep tech'. Do you work with people with sleep disorders? If so, I'd really like to ask you a few questions if you don't mind.


Thanks Yuki.

yes I used to do sleep research on sleep deprivation, winter depression and melatonin hormone, i used to do sleep studies and set people up on CPAP for sleep apnea (and upper airway resistance syndrome).
Now I do a groups for folks with chronic insomnia.

First question I usually ask my patients is "How are you sleeping?"

you can post here or click on my profile for my direct email.

thanks man. I'll email you in the very near future.


I put a brief blog on seasonal affective disorder on the blog.

You can see several good websites on sleep disorders there too.

Nice blog, but come on, you actually liked the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind??


What?!? ESSM was a GREAT movie! It says so much about how the past affects us, the choices we make in life and in relationships. Jim Carey and Kate Winslet are two of my favorite actors.
The Science of Sleep...not so good, except for a few scenes.
I can definately people having the same reaction to ESSM as Science of Sleep. Maybe it just depends on what mood you're in.

Nice,look forward to reading some of the advice articles on the right hand side.

Robert, thanks...i think.

oh,i'll try again,nice design and very well organized page,easy to read and find all the information you present.

I still haven't blogged on movies much.

I'll be putting some stuff up on Blades of Glory, Heart of the Game, Miracle, The Painted Veil, Stepford Wives, The Fountain

More about our church, The pastoral epistles, especially 1 Timothy.

I'll also post a bit about Heroes, X-Men, comic books.

And a totally rad book I'm reading about Dan Gable and Iowa wrestling "A Season on the Mat".