My boss is crazy

This guy wears a Trump hat everyday. When he gets complimented on it, he says the exact same thing every time.

"I have a lot of fun with it. Every once in a while you get someone that wants to be an asshole about it. I just grab them by the throat. I'm always looking for a fight(dude is old and fat, wouldn't last long against anyone). And if that don't work I do this."

He then removes his side arm and puts it to his own head as if he was the anti-trumper.

Your boss sounds like he never get's tired of winning.

Sounds like a true OGr to me

This never happens

Of all the things that never happened. 

Aaronrodgers=GOAT - This never happens

How or why would I make something like this up?

How often does he grab you by your pussy?

I saw your boss smack a bitch on a plane yesterday