My break down of the SB matchup

First of all, throw that 7 points the bookies are giving the Colts out of the window. That is a joke.

Now, I'll keep it simple.

Offense - no question, the Colts have a better offense.

Defense - no question, the Bears have a better defense.

Special Teams - no question the Bears have a better STs.

Conditions - Assuming there isn't some crazy weather down in Miami, I'd give the Colts the advantage based on likely conditions down there. The field will be perfect and the weather should be fine. I only say this is an advantage to the Colts, because the Bears thrive in shitty weather and having nice weather and a good field is like taking away an advantage they have.

Momentum  - This is a very tough call, but I will go with the Colts because of the significance of the last 2 victories, they were HUGE and you could argue were against better teams than the Bears beat. The only worry as a Colts fan would be are they emotionally spent....?

History - With the Bears. Not a dome team, and they have a much MUCH better defense.

- We've all heard it a million times. Defense wins Championships, right? That's one of the reasons I don't understand the 7 point line coming into this game. For me it's a pick em when I look at strengths of both teams and the game could be decided by the injury reports we get in the next couple of weeks.

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How does the Bears having a better defense and not being a dome team factor into history?

History has nothing to do with this.

Historically - Defences win Championships.

Historically - Only 1 Dome team has ever won the SB (and that was in a dome)

Get a clue my friend.

The difference in QB play is reason enough for a 7 point spread.

2nd B - not IMO. But sure, there is a big difference there.

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I'm betting the Colts to cover. I think they win by at least 10 points, maybe more.

Playing the Bears vaunted D will not seem like such a big deal to them after facing the Ravens and Pats in back to back weeks.

I want the Bears to win, but I think the Colts will kill them like 34-10.

A good, fair and objective analysis, although I'll quibble on a couple of points.

"Momentum" will have nothing to do with it. Both teams have a week off, and besides, in the playoffs especially, one game may not have any continuity to the next. Just look at Bears D against the Saints versus against the Seahawks.

And I'm tired of that cliche, "defense wins championships." It was repeated ad nauseam before the Ravens-Colts game, and I knew the Colts would win (although I thought it would be a rout).

The better cliche is "you need to score more points than your opponent to win."

A great defense is a necessary but not a sufficient condition to win championships.

Yes, you need defense to win championships, but that alone is almost never enough. A defense still doesn't score points, usually.

The only time a great defense won with a pathetic offense was Baltimore, and that's because their defense and special teams scored and was actually more offensively productive than their offense was.

The Bears offense is not nearly as bad as Baltimore's, but I feel they will need to score a lot of points to win. Turner has called great games in the playoffs by emphasizing the run and minimizing Grossman's potential errors. I don't think that will be enough this time, especially without homefield advantage.

I think he will have to let loose with Grossman. I feel that this time good Rex or bad Rex will decide the game because the Colts WILL score and the Bears will have to keep up.

" A great defense is a necessary but not a sufficient condition to win championships."

Do you rule Indy out of the game then?

I think Indy will win. I think Lovie is a better coach and better big-game coach than Dungy. Still don't think Peyton Manning is a big-game quarterback. But Grossman sucks. He'll will do something stupid that will give Indy 7 points. That will be enough.

Govnor, you're right. I should have said "good," not "great."

Teams have won championships with good but not necessarily great defenses.

Only one in my lifetime has won with a great defense and lame offense (Baltimore).

I think Indy's defense will be good enough to hold Chicago's offense better than Chicago's great defense will be able to hold Indy's great offense.