My breakfast shake

This is my new shake to substitute for breakfast as I am trying to lean out.

-Whey protein (25g+)

-1 packet greens powder

-1 tblspn flaxseed oil

-a little bit of low sugar apple juice

-frozen berries

-1/2 a bananna


Obviously substitutions for fruit can be made, sometimes i add a full banana subtract the berries and add some low sugar mango yogurt.

What say you S&C forum?

looks good how does it taste

it tastes pretty good, a lot depends on what you put into it, its better with stronger tasting berries to cover up the taste of the greens.

I drink a very similar shake, only I put in some powderd red fruits/vegetables and 2 ounces of liquid minerals and vitamins. The banana is key for that smooth texture!


I just bought a brand that they had at my grocery store, people around here like Greens + or lightforce.

What is glutamine?  Function?