My Broadband Speed Test Results :(

Some of you may remember me bitching about my connection speed
on a thread or two a little while back. Well this is the results of my
speed test:

Wait a minute... is... is that... LESS THAN DIAL UP!?!?

The cable guy is coming to check on my lines tuesday. Finally the
madness can end.

EDIT: PS, I have Comcast 3Mb downstream cable internet...

at least you can upload fast... do you have any music you wanna share?

There was probably a lot of traffic when you tried it. Try again now

There is something wrong. Call tech support, IMO.

definately something wrong. Are u on cable or dsl?

On 3 Mb cable.

lol. definately something wrong then. I have standard cable and I'm hitting 3mb down but my up sucks@40kbps. Do a google for "tcp optimizer" install it and set it to "extreme", reboot and rerun the test. Let me know if that helps.

LOL. That's where I need to be.

Thanks for the advice gabora but the cable guy is coming out tuesday
to check my lines.

These were my results....I use Comcast.

Personal test results
3.3 megabits per second

Communications 3.3 megabits per second
Storage 397.8 kilobytes per second
1MB file download 2.6 seconds
Subjective rating Awesome

Have tech support do all they can, then after all is said and done check out to see about tweaking windows for better performance. However, there is no reason why you should be getting those speeds on a highspeed connection, so check with tech support first

Bartos...what are the specs on your computer?

I have a Powerbook, G4 1ghz 512 ram.

It's not just my computer though. It's everyones. Even people who stop by and hop on my wireless.

And one other detail i left out, my cable TV has also been messed up for better than 6 months. I'm supposed to get 70 channels but it gets snowy after 35. So both my cable TV and internet are performing poorly. The tech I spoke with thinks it's the lines.

sounds like the lines to me.

Tech guy stopped out today. Short story is, My TV is ok but my speed
problem is not resolved. Long story is, comcast's onsite techs need
better technical training. He didn't easily understand that OS X does
not have the ipconfig command nor did he know the difference
between kilobits and kilobytes. I ran ifconfig and the output blew his
mind. I didn't get the impression that he had a solid grasp of
networking or computing in general.

He checked the signal with some thick handheld device. My signal was
-6...whatever that means. He said if the signal is between -5 and -12
then it is good. So my signal was good. He had me run a speed test
and we got 34kb/sec. LOL, the lowest i've ever seen it.

So he said he wanted to swap out the cable modem. Mine is about 2
years old but still rated for 100x dial up. Anyway, I just happened to
buy a new motorola modem from best buy in anticipation of this. We
swaped out the modem and we could not even get an IP and
therefore could not register the new modem with comcast. He and his
nextel helper concluded that the new modem must be faulty.

Anyway, he leaves and says he will have to come out another day with a
laptop and a modem of his own. Meanwhile I go and exchange the
modem for another one at best buy. Come back, hook it up, and have
the same problem. No IP detected. Spent an hour on the phone with
support trying to register the new modem with no luck.

So with that i've decided to change to DSL. A company called JAS
Networks is offering 5Mb/sec with a static IP. Static IP baby! I can also
get a T1 through them for $130/month and i'm concidering it. So if
anyone wants web hosting in a month or two, contact me. I'll beat any

bartos -

I had the same problem with Comcast.

unfortunately I pretty much have to go back with their service, since there is no DSL out here. Too far from the CO.

Isn't a T1's downstream pretty slow? I think it's only like 1.5 mbps. Unless you're hosting a semi-popular site on a server at your house, I don't see the point.

Also, unfortunately, many ISP's only officially support the Windows OS and Internet Explorer, so the techs aren't trained on anything else unless they are computer enthusiasts.

He slipped you an isdn modem, kickass!