My Brother Can't Sit For A Tattoo!

So True!

That bitch gets lightheaded and pukes everytime.

He bet use to beat you up a lot when you were kids

He did. He hit me with a bar dart right in my friggin head!

Now I train jiu jitsu and mop the floor with that carpet head.

I've never understood the people that can't take a tattoo. It seriously tickles to me. One of the artists I've been to was 70% covered and he was telling me that even with ink on spots that aren't too painful normally he gets close to passing out or puking.

"As I left the bar that night, one thing stuck in my head....

don't fuck with your bro."

-Tat Man

The older I get, the more my pain tolerance goes downhill.

After about an hour I can get into my 'happy place'..that usually last 2-3 hours...after that I get really uncomfortable.

I think I'm somewhere in the middle. I've never sat more than 2 hours and I was fine every time, but I can't really imagine sitting any longer than 3 or 4.

I have a 6 hour tattoo coming up, I will OD on Motrin I guess.

I've gone for about eight-nine hours at a time just fine. The armpit tickled.

You are a hard woman.

i cant sit
for his tattoos cause hes gettin me back for all thoughs times i kicked his ass.....byyaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

He actually did pretty good the other night, only got light headed once this time.

Good for you carpet head!!


thats it...... first im going to montreal, then im going to bathurst, then im going to hendersonville to get a tattoo and sit still.............................byaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I got my tattoos. I sat for 11 hours with Brandon Bond and two days later I sat for 7 hours with Josh Woods.