My Canadian buddies......

There was a joke going around a while ago that I did not like Canadians. It was really only a joke as RKing does lots of work with us at But just to step it up a bit more Sponsored David Loiseau for some of his fights. I have tried to step it up a little more through Dougie and give some free stuff away.....To show my Canadian buddies loves them.

But Then I read this stuff by Jeremy Wall. WOW! If he does not come here maybe someone here knows him and can pass on a message. If you are going to try to write about something it is your job to check your facts.

Assuming that your silly attempt at a website is equal to Which has been around for years and years. With hard work from many people. Your liberal attempt at stating our hits was a joke. All you had to do was ask me.

But anyways I got a great laugh at you saying

"Here's my proof. When I ran, which was, while it was alive, one of the more popular MMA web sites on the net, the highest amount of traffic I ever had in a single day was about 1,100+ visitors. That's not hits; that's different computers accessing my web site in one twenty-four hour period. The lowest I did was about 200-300 visitors in one day.

I don't know what the most trafficked MMA web sites draw in terms of traffic. I'm sure they draw higher than me, so let’s be very liberal about this and say that a site like, with a high Google search ranking, draws double what I did on my best day, on a daily basis. So that's 2,200 fans. And that's a very liberal estimation".

That was almost as funny as you harassing Bob Sapp and his reply to you was about his dildo.....

Thanks for the laugh

ttt for my boy Sherdog!

It's true. Sherdog has given me 3 more dvds on top of the 2 he already sent to give away to Canucks.

Sherdog has covered Canadian events as well.

ttt 4 Sherdog!

Sherdog's done a lot of great stuff for MMA. Hats off to you.

I like reading J.Wall's stuff cuz he like to challenge popular perception. But, he just didn't make any sense in his last article. If so few people who spend money on the UFC do NOT surf the net, how the hell else do they get their MMA news? How would they even know where to purchase tickets? How could they be interested in a sport that got close to zero media coverage?

lol Oh man, too bad averages around 35-40 K (all unique) hits a day. I don't know Jeremy Wall personally, but it looks like the ugly green monster has reared it's head with those comments.


I know for a fact Jeff doesn't hate Canadians. I talk to him on AIM whenever he isn't busy.

It's quite apparent that Sherdog loves Canada.

Not only does he know what curling IS, but he loves to watch it!

Sherdog rulez!

Sherpup loves Canadian beer.

Canadian beer for all my friends!

After you drink Canadian beer, you never go back.

You won't drink American water, I mean American beer, ever again.

Sherdog and his crew are among the nicest bunch of beer swilling Americans you will ever meet.

He was kind enough to let me stay with him in his hotel room at one of the UFC's. If it werent for the fact he was American I would almost go as far as to say I liked the guy.... :)

Sherdog is a legend. I stopped trying to catch up on what I've missed from his site years ago. It's chalk full of so much information that everytime I get a chance to catch up, I realize I run out of coffee. His site is INCREDIBLE.

I don't believe I have ever met Jeremy Wall but I do enjoy alot of his work. He challenges the norm and when you do so, you get criticized (sp). Some of his recent stuff is a little one sided, but understandably so. It's difficult to get all sides of the story and at times, can take a simple interview and turn it into a week's worth of work.

I LMFAO when I read that article. I've been surfing MMA sites since the NewFullContact first appeared and the Underground was still on Skillrules site. Never once before that article did I ever hear or see a link to

Can anyoen claim to have seen this so-called site? I don't think it ever existed...

I used to like the Sherdog site a lot, until it started blasting me with tonnes of pop-ups and spyware - I just won't go there anymore. It really sucks, because I liked the reporting and forums, etc.

a) sherdog hasn't had spyware in however long ago that was

b) it's called a pop up stopper

I'm totally surprised that people still believe that spyware crap. On top of that, the newer versions of Windows provide a pop up blocker.

I like the newest edition of the website and just ordered more dvds.

I just use Firefox.. Give that a try and see if things don't improve for ya :)

Well, I'm running windows 2000 right now, which doesn't work as well as NT to block stuff. When I go to that site, I get a tonne of pop-ups when I try to read articles or the forums etc. Perhaps when I get a working copy of XP this will stop. Again, I think the content on Sherdog is amazing; I just hate getting spammed.