My cat almost gave me AIDS

I live with my girlfriend, who I got a Bengal cat for her birthday a while back. Declawing was never on the table, I was aware ahead of time. I don't know if all bengals are aggressive but this one is. When we play/fight, I usually get cut up pretty good.

Around noon today I responded to a 911 at a trailer park for essentially nothing. While en route to the hospital I started an IV on this upstanding citizen who is not a fan of needles. Saying "Please hold still, this will only take a second" was futile and between the bumpy road and this straight shooter in upper management's thrashing, I managed to get some his blood on my wrist, mere millimeters from a fresh 'have a nice day at work' cut the cat gave me this morning.

Didn't think much of it, cleaned it like I normally would. When we get to the hospital the nurse is reviewing his medical history in the hospital's system when HIV/AIDS came up.... Not a great feeling. This was not mentioned when I asked the patient earlier what his medical history was which consisted of hypertension and only hypertension. I was less than pleased to say the least.

So, in short, my cat almost gave me AIDS. Not an exhilarating story but I'm bored at work

Trim his fucking nails, you bum. 

Feline AIDS?

I had a dirtbag employee come to my girl talking about how her ear really hurt and she ddin't feel good at work.

Turns out her cat got scared, clawed her the nail got stuck in her ear and broke off the site became infected. Don't know how her bf or herself didn't notice but, yea. My girl extracts it, puts some antiseptic on it. It starts to heal but chick complains about it itching, my girl warns her to leave it alone and don't scratch it. She scratches it, reopening it, then scratches a spot on her own neck while she was scratching and this becomes infected. She ends up going to urgency care and getting antibiotics.


TLDR; At least you didn't catch stupid.

Don't sex your cat weirdo.

reading this thread just gave me AIDS

Poop Doodle -

Trim his fucking nails, you bum. 

Easier said than done. We do, just not as often as we should. It's an ordeal

Never_rolled -

My GF had a weird day last week as out of the blue she had 3 aids/hiv patients. Her MA is not very good and doesn't look at the charts. My GF double gloves and did a small procedure on the guy, MA goes to put a bandage on his open wound without gloves. GF made her stop in mid stride and glove up. After she admonished her for the millionth time to read the charts first on who they are dealing with. 

Wow.... Pretty basic/important step to overlook

PorkJackhammer - Feline AIDS?


Stop screwing your cat in the reeeeer!

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Stop screwing your cat in the reeeeer!


So, is this what Ted Nugent's song was about?

Get longer rubber gloves.

UltimateKeyboardWarrior -

Get longer rubber gloves.

I guess I could get some of my own, it hasn't really been a problem until yesterday. I just typically use what's on the ambulance and what's in the hospital

I find it's a good practice to just assume everybody has AIDS. That way I don't have to tell them about my AIDS.

Careful with the anal warts

You're petting him wrong, use your hand.