My CFC experience

Gonna keep this short.

Wow, what fun. Was an honour and a privelage to compete in my hometown, and for such a great production.

Fans were awesome. They always are.

Training went very well. Very happy to be a part of Team Canada here in Winnipeg. So many incredibly talented people in this city, it's ridiculous. Never felt in better shape, and feel like I'm a better fighter today than I've ever been before.

Congrats to my team mates who won, and to those that did not, you fought well, and there will be another day.

Just having lots of warm, fuzzy feelings of awesomeness.

Oh yeah, my opponent. First of all, damn that kid was tough. Holy crap. Also, balls of steel for flyin out here from France on short notice and coming to my hometown to try to take my head right off. He was a very skilled and dangerous opponent, which makes the victory feel that much more special.

Ok, I'm done. Training starts again tomorrow...

Joe faces the most dangerous opponents!


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thanks for sharing (well said) and congratulations, please keep doing what you do.

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 Congrats Joe !!!

congrats on the win Joe! best of luck in future fights.


Joe lifts weights!

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