My childhood dream home is for sale, worth 3.5M?

I grew up and currently live about 3 miles from this house. It sits at the end of a short road off the main road and as a kid I always tried to get a glimpse of it when my parents would drive us past.

Here are the details from an article from detroit curbed.



If you're ready to live like royalty out in Bloomfield Township, Adams Castle just hit the market for $3,500,000.

Built in 1928 and owned by the same family for the last 40 years, this estate is on 2.24 acres and includes a carriage house (with living quarters), a four-car garage, extensive manicured gardens, a pool, pool house, and a gorgeous fountain to welcome guests. The lower level of the home has a ballroom, billiard room, game room, sauna, and bar. The main floor has rooms made of marble, ornate fresco ceilings, hand carved woodwork, a show-stopping foyer, and loads of Pewabic tile. It also has a Poggenpohl kitchen, an elegant dining room, a breakfast nook, and a solarium. In total, this property has seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, 12,000 square feet of living space.













Needs updated appliances. Phone Post 3.0









I'm pretty sure that house was on one of the "Dream House" tv shows on DIY Channel.










The only thing I don't like are those bathroom sinks but this house is so over the top you'd have to leave them.

I used to work at the Saks at Somerset about 25 years ago. I once had to deliver about 10 fur coats to whoever lived there back then. They gave me a quick tour through the house. It was badass.

Looks like a haunted museum. Phone Post 3.0

money pit.

not worth it.

amazing looking home. not my style but really still amazing. the kitchen seems a lil disappointing for some a great home. the style and the size of the kitchen just seemed out of place

always hated that rococo / victorian era of home design. waaaay to ornate.

would love to see the heating bill in a detroit winter.

PayPal? Phone Post 3.0

Randomly Kish slapped by MountainMedic - Needs updated appliances. Phone Post 3.0

Looked ok to me but what do i know?


This is what a US$2.5m property looks like in Auckland:

...and it's a listed heritage site so you CAN'T DEMOLISH IT!

Hired Gun - I'm pretty sure that house was on one of the "Dream House" tv shows on DIY Channel.

I would have loved to have seen that episode.