My Chiropractor Recommended I Take Collagen For My Fapping Hand Injury

My fapping hand still hurts after 6 months. Went for an x-ray, and Dr consult a few days ago. MRI and hand surgeon consult next.
Went to go see my chiropractor about my back, and he recommended I start taking collagen.
Anybody have experience with collagen ?

I’d say it’s not smart to ask the OG for medical advice, but you’ve already asked a Chiropractor, so this is probably an improvement on that.


Hey, they go to school for 8 years!

I believe it’s good for your tendons which might be your issue from the sounds of it. Derek from mpmd said it works and he’s the supplement king imo


I started taking daily collagen and probiotics. I’m over two months in with both. Body/injury wise, I can’t say I feel much different, but I think my skin has improved despite drinking quite a lot which is usually a catalyst for bad skin in my case

Take the Hydroxychloroquine cocktail and you’ll be as good as new.
p.s. Make sure it’s with Zinc