My Christmas wish list

All I want for christmas is my 2 front teeth....and the following matches and other:

Fuck the HW tourney, Brester is a step below the other 3. I'd like to see Ruiz/Klitscko for the true title and the winner gets Byrd (the #3 HW). Golota and Brewster should fight for the WBO title with the winner getting a an eventual shot. Let's clear up the HW mess.

Mormeck/Braitewaite for the CW title with #3 Bell getting his shot vs the winner.

Gentleman Glen Johnson keeps the title throughout 2005. Couldn't happen to a better, never say quit man. (I think Johnson and Gonzalez could be a barnburner so I'd also like to see that fight Santa)

Bernard vs Calzaghe. Let Bernard make a little more history. If I can't have that, I'll gladly watch Danny Green and Calzaghe. That would be a war.

Winky vs Trini w/ the winnner getting a shot at Hopkins. I''d also like to see JT vs Eastman or Eastman vs Sturm or Sturm vs JT (I'm givin ya options here Mr. Claus)

Spaddy to get a nice long sentence. Any idiot that is gonna ruin a good life and waste away the talent he was blessed with deserves what he gets for doing something stupid.

Kostya Tsyzu vs Mayweather. Is there a better fight out there? hey, how bout Hatton/Gatti on the undercard? I guess there is a better fight out there...

Castillo/Corrales. Santa is delivering on this one. What a fight.

Morales moves up to face Freitas. Welcome to LW El Terrible.

JMM/Pac rematch or Barrera/Pac rematch or JMM/Barerra....hell throw Anchondo and Juarez somewhere in that mix too...let's see what the next generation has.

and finally, lets see Larios/RMarquez. A small man's fight worth watching.

Thanks SC. Time to go have a celebratory Molson.