My city needs help

As some may have seen in a thread I made earlier this week on the OG, the city I have called home since 2001 has been on fire since Tuesday. 90,000 people have had to leave the city of Fort Mcmurray. Probably because of how safety conscience we are because of the industrial nature of the work we do, not a single person died in direct relation to the fire. Unfortunately a young girl and her cousin died during the evacuation about 300kms out of town in a collision. The fire can be currently seen from space.

But now all of us are displaced..basically refugees in our own country. The support so far has been amazing, I even saw a Syrian refugee offer his bedroom to a family and said he would sleep on his couch. But we are going to need every bit of help we can get. So I thought I would call upon some of the most generous people I know. The UG. If you can afford anything, please donate to the Canadian Red Cross. Every dollar spent will be doubled because of federal and provincial matching.

It will be weeks to months before we can go home to rebuild. Which will take years. And if the MMA community could do anything to help would be awesome. If you dont understand the magnitude of this disaster just check the hundreds of videos and pictures on youtube or on twitter #ymmfire. Phone Post 3.0

Would be useful if you provided a link whew folk can donate :)

Good luck, sounds awful, will check back later for a link. Phone Post 3.0

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Sorry.redcross.ab or are the best places to donate. Mind is still a little wonky. I have slept 9 hours since Monday Phone Post 3.0

Here you go.

Anyone who'd like to donate:

Praying for you down in Leduc man. Scary shit for everyone to go through Phone Post 3.0

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Can an admin sticky this. Their are many UG/OGers that live or work in fort mac Phone Post 3.0

Buddy of mine loaded up a horse trailer full of supplies and left for ft Mac yesterday. All
Over town everyone is fundraising money/supplies.

Everyone in Alberta is comin together. It's really nice to see. Hope you're doin alright man. Phone Post 3.0

Your friend is an amazing person Vanilla. I am ok. It sounds like my home is currently still standing so I guess I am better off than many. But I have no idea what kind of water damage and what not will be there when we can go back (which may be as long as 3 months). But as soon as I can I want to go home and rebuild. I dont think I have a job to go back to but that is something I will worry about later.

Like most I left literally everything behind. I got out with a pair of jeans, two t shirts and slippers. It was laundry day...everything was still in the washer. But the people of Edmonton have been insanely generous. I am currently trying to find long term accommodation for me and my girl..but some apartment complexes are trying to help so I have contacts out with them Phone Post 3.0


Seriously Admins..can you please pin this for 24 hours. I had a blue name for three years. Many other McMurray ugers do too. It is the least you can do Phone Post 3.0


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