My Client gave me a strange gift...

So I'm home with a Double Ear Infection and Mono. I've missed almost two weeks of work.

My Client wanted to get me something as a gift to cheer me up. Really nice thought. She's a cool lady.

So last night, I get a big box in the mail. And this is what is inside:

I haven't tried it yet because my energy levels are so low, but I will this weekend.

I had never even heard of it. I can't imagine it will get a lot of use. I guess we'll see!

You need that for those sticks you hobble around on.


PS. i'll try to call this weekend to catch up.

Oh, I get it. A skinny legs joke.


Thanks for "trying" to call this weekend. I appreciate the effort.


Fine then, I WONT CALL!




You could have got one of these...

I could've gotten anything, but then it wouldn't have been a gift.


I meant as in, "things could be worse, you could have received one of these as a gift, which seems to be pretty much along the same lines of usefulness gee isn't it funny what people sometimes think will help and with an ear infection your equilibrium is probably so bad you'd fall off before the thing even gave you a chance at orgasm".

Poor attempt at a joke on my part if that much had to be read into it, I guess. Maybe if I wasn't such a cheap bastard and could have posted an actual picture it would have made more sense. Congratulations on your nice gift though anyway.


I'll try the machine out. I was given a sissy squat machine that my gym was gonna throw away. Maybe I won't have such chicken legs in the future!

It's a little known secret that Leg Magic TM is what gives elite BJJ players guard strength to cut their opponents in half.

So Leg Magic will help my rubber guard?