My Comments About the New UG Store

I've been meaning to make this thread for a few weeks now, so here it is.

I live in Canada, and this was my second time ordering from the UG Store. The first time was before their partnership with MMA Warehouse. My first experience wasn't exactly positive. Shipping was expensive, and my order took forever to arrive. It didn't bother me enormously as my order did eventually arrive, and it was correct. It was enough however, to deter me from ordering again... Until the store got revamped.

Pricing is generally fair, the selection is good, but shipping was still expensive. I placed my order because Kirik and Chris took care of me. They responded to my concerns very quickly, and helped me out with my order a little bit. Shipping was still pricey, but my order arrived from the USA in two business days flat.

I will order from the UG Store every time I need gear from here on out. For one, the conversion of USD to Canadian currency and the shipping cost is more or less offset by the now very quick delivery, and the great selection of equipment. The real reason they have kept my business though is the great service I personally received from Chris. For another, I get to support our community.

the poster formerly known as X_Rated Phone Post