My component is dry

Whatever that charcoal thing in the humidor is has never retained
water. I soaked it before I put it in the Humidor and they still do not
seem to retain water. Any suggestions?

The Don is here to help you. Most likely, the material inside your humidifier is called "oasis". It's the green shit you see at the florist. To make it work, find some propylene glycol. At most cigar stores, you can find some, only named something like "humidor saviour" or something romo like that. It's propylene glycol, and maybe some distilled water. It will cost alot more than pure P G, but it saves you the time of searching for it.


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5.2 Using Propylene Glycol to regulate humidity

How exactly does the use of Propylene Glycol (mixed with distilled water) aid in the humidification of cigars?
Any solution with a fixed composition has a fixed vapor pressure at a given temperature and total pressure. If the solution has only one volatile component (water), then the vapor pressure is caused by that component only (i.e., you won't find PG in the vapor phase). By coincidence, the vapor pressure over a mixture of PG and water is about 70%.

To put it more simply, PG is a hydroscopic substance - It absorbs moisture from the environment (like a salt shaker does in humid weather). The distilled water evaporates until the ambient humidity approaches 70%. At that point the PG won't allow any more moisture in the air. Conversely, if there is too much moisture in the air, the PG solution absorbs the excess, bringing the system down to 70% as well.

PG is certainly not the only solution which will regulate humidity properly for cigar storage. As several posters have pointed out, a glycerin solution will also work in a credo. Being a thicker substance, I feel that glycerin solutions ultimately "plug-up" the pores of your medium, reducing its effective surface area. Both are non-toxic, but PG actually has anti-bacterial properties, which means you may use it alone, where glycerin should be mixed with some sort of inhibitor to prevent "nasties" from growing inside your credo. (this is the "secret formula" in some glycerin based solutions).

Thank you my friend, I will pick some up today and yes, it does look
like that green shit from the florist.

IT's what I'm here for. Now, register for the next OG Cigar Mafia order :)

Tell me more about the selections.

I was reading you can get PG cheap at a pharmacy too. around 7 bucks for a pint of it. That should last a while.