my computer is messed up

I use

3800 x2(Asslon)
ASUS A8NE mainboard
7800 GTX

Well basically I used switched the mainboard to A8NE cos the old one didn't support dual core.

So I went ahead. Well shit hit the fan. It will recognise the mouse and keyboard for first 2~3 minutes after having laucnhed the XP.

However, the light on the receiver (I use wireless set) went off. so I switched to wired mouse, it still didn't work(the light didn't even come on for the wired light mouse) I checked the USB settings at Mobo setup, they are all fine.

Then I swtiched the mobo setups, the mouse and keyboard stopped working out of nowere after having run the XP for 3 minutes. the wireless receiveer was still on, it was not overheat of the CPU or the graphics card (though graphics card was pretty hot)

help plz

You realize the operating system must be reinstalled when you change motherboards, right?

I've done that