My dad in WW2 AMA

He was at Bletchley Park the Allied codebreaking Headquarters.I hope this could be more informative than my first post here about being licked by my dog in bed!

Welcome to the OG man!

Did he have any stories of big codes he helped crack?

What were his duties there?

Thanks for replying.He was a Japanese naval code breaker.

Cool. Makes you pretty old, then, OP? My pops served in Vietnam, and did a stint with crypto.

I've just gone 52.My dad died in February aged 91.

He was posted there late 1944 and was there till a few months after the war.He did just over a year.

One of my grandfathers was a bomber pilot in the  British Royal Airforce, the other one was a paratrooper in the US Army (received 2 Purple Hearts and a bronze star).

Both during WWII. 

Thats awesome, I bet he had some great stories, sorry for your loss.

That's fantastic Muffler.You must have been really proud also.He was great to talk to.I'm so into WW1and 2 history and it was always fascinating listening .He had full capacity of mind when he died.Just his body was worn out.We got on great and there were no regrets.I feel like he's still here.

That's very cool, both my grandfathers died way too young so I didn't get to talk to them much about their experiences.

I did get to talk to my one grandfather about his Purple Hearts (albeit when I was very young). He was shot once during Battle of the bulge, and the other he was stabbed by a bayonet during another battle.

He actually got teared up during the bayonet story because he said he was in a foxhole and got stabbed by a nazi in the back, right in the right shoulder blade. He said it totally surprised him and he turned around and pumped 5 rounds into the guy. He fell onto him in the foxhole and watched him die. 

He tried to explain (to me as a kid) that he just killed a man, wasn't able to try and save him, and had to watch him die at his hand. 

Thanks for sharing OP.

How was he recruited? Wasn't one of those crosswords in the paper was it?

Did he ever comment on what he thought about working on Japanese code versus the German code?

Did he have a gay love affair with Alan Turing?

When he was doing his basic training at Malvern he was asked what interests he had and his great love had always been languages.This was noted and nothing happened untill one day aged 19 he was summoned to the Admiralty in London.He had no idea why but you didn't ask questions.You just did as you were told.He was taken to a room with a few others and given some paper with writing on which he didn't recognise and then given several tasks to do in a set time.Once they had finished they weren't told anything else or how they had done just sent back to the various bases they had come from.

A lot of people were recruited from Oxford and Cambridge university's? which were equidistant from Bletchley.My dad was pretty much self taught.He just found languages fascinating and easy!

When he arrived in 1944 he said the real glory days were over.The war in Europe had turned in our favour and was just a matter of time but the war with Japan was anything but.So while everyone celebrated VE day it was still work as usuàl for them.Then you boys dropped them two big bombs and it was all over!!

He never had a gay love affair with Alan Turing.But Alan had left by then anyway!

Did you father enjoy the movie A Beautiful Mind?

A true OG hacker...your pops was gifted...may the patriot rip

The one with Russell Crowe?.I did.I don't know if he saw it.He loved Enigma and The Imitation Game

Interesting stuff, thanks.

Sidjames43 - The one with Russell Crowe?.I did.I don't know if he saw it.He loved Enigma and The Imitation Game

Ya that's the one, if you haven't seen it you should.