My daughter Eleni in her gi (pic)

Eleni is 4 years old and has been training in JuJitsu for 4 months :-)

Could someone put these two photos up for me, please?

Thanks hitman007!

The little boy is her brother Grigoris. He likes to wander around the dojo in his gi but refuses to join in the class. He is only three...

Cute kids, god bless them. I can't wait to have some brats of my own, I'd put them in Judo or BJJ just as soon, lol.

I was just thinking about whether or not to put these pictures up!

beams as the proud father

my daughter has her gi, she's almost 4 now. but for now she'd rather be a princess... im putting all my stock into the phrase "good things come to those who wait."

that's some cool shit. congrats mate.

^ Eleni enjoys training! However, outside the dojo, she is a little princess, too :-)

She says she is looking forward to training in my BJJ School :-)
(She trains sport JuJitsu for now, as there isn't a BJJ School for kids of her age.)


This brings me great memories. My little girl is 23 years old, but she will always be Daddy's Little Girl. Just one quick word of advice: THEY GROW UP FAST


I'm more than proud -- and I'm already MUCH too aware of how fast they grow up...

It's really weird but sometimes when you see someone with a newborn and you realise... WOW, Eleni was THAT small at one point?????

And don't let my sons cute smile fool you... he's a little terror sometimes! He also has such an incredible grip that I have to use technique to get his hand to open!


either Fotia is a greek woman and bentley is the hubby, or fotia and bentley are the same person?

either way, bravo sou. exw duo agoria, Nikolaos kai Aleksandros... 2 xronon kai 5 minon... molis megalosoun ligaki... tsiou.

eisai stin ellada? egw nea yorki (borea, oxi stin polis).. as they say, "wrestling country".

cute kids!

I warn you, my greek is bad enough - and my phonetic greek is even worse but...

Eyo eimai o andras tis Fotia - Exoume duo pathia (pou vlepete) ala thistixos, thoulevo polu makria apo ti eikoyenia mou. thoulevo ston Canada kai eikoyenia mou menoun stin ellatha, menoun stin athina. Elpizo tha'arthoun etho yiati evrika poli-kalo thoulia kai pistevo Zoe mas einai kallitera etho ston Kanatha...

Na sas zisoune yia eikoyenia sas!

Na sou po kati - Mypos menete konta ston eithio polu pou yparxei to NAGA worlds (sto aprilou)? Then xero sigoura... isos tha pow eki yia duo meres...

Forgive my butchery... I'm self taught and come from a very non-greek background! ;-)

I cannot possibly express in English (let alone a foreign tongue) how much I miss my wife and children... I think about them every second I'm awake...

The instructor looks like Richard Grieco (of 21 Jumpstreet fame) no?

Really cute kids!


yes we are currently in Athens.
I train at Gracie Barra Greece, Draculino Team. Eleni and Grigoris train at a JuJitsu School.

Nikolaos kai Aleksandros will have to wait a few more years before they can train :-)
Grigoris is three and he attends only when he feels like it, Eleni is four and she enjoys the class.
Best wishes to our children! One day they might meet at a competition event:-)


meno 4 hores votia ap'to Montreal... NAGA worlds pistevo einai sto Bayonne, NJ... exw paei poles fores... 3 hores ap'to Albany,NY (ekei pou meno egw)..

taksideba stin ellada kathe hrono gia 1 mina mexri ta 22 xronon... eimai 30 tora... too long... emena Athina (Patission kai Nea Smirni)... exoume spiti stin Loutsa stin thalassa... ei ellada einai poli omorfi, alla den iparhoun eidioi douleies gia mena gia ta lefta pou thelo (i'm an engineer who wouldn't make as much money or have as many opportunities in Athens).

anyways, my wife is a NYorker from the border of canada,towards Ottawa... so greece is not in her opinion, an easy move.... Draculino's is in Kalithea, right? I had an uncle in Kalithea... i remember buying the roasted corn right outside in the little plateia outside the Subway station... i remember driving there too.. it's crazy... but fun...