My dog doing protection training

Here's a video clip of my 8 month old female Dobermann, Kaya, doing the basic bitework foundation for protection training.

Beef Jerky........the secret weapon to growling Doberman's

Kaya by bite-down, R1. 0:03

Do you have a new dog?

Yes, I have 2 dogs now. My older dog, Junior, is not as good as my younger dog, Kaya.

Nice bites, but the paws to the groin were just overkill (as was Bolo in the stay puft jacket in relatively warm SJ...)

Hopefully Junior doesn't read this board, and a flamewar won't ensue.

Damn feel sorry for whoever breaks in to Bolo's house. It's either get your ass choked out by Bolo or arm ripped of by Kaya.

Ray that beef jerky trick don't work on my Shepherd if you're a stranger. Maybe try balut.


you must not have heard the story of mike screaming like a little girl one night right after we got married. kaya is our only hope...

i should add that it was not unlike the screams that i heard on our wedding night... ;)


ps hi rene! :)

Once Kaya is fully trained, I won't need to use any BJJ on anyone. Kaya is starting to learn to also bite the legs and later we will be teaching her to go for the shoulders, chest, and back.

My other dog Junior is is not as good as Kaya, but eventually I hope to get to a point that is strong with some basic personal protection. Then I will teach the dogs to attack at the same time- one goes for the upper body and the other goes for the lower body.

Dog training has turned into my new hobby. I train my dogs more than I do BJJ. :)

God Damn Bolo...........and you expect ME to stay in your place whilst I beat you up in front of your attack trained Doberman........?!?!?!

I'll tell ya........if your dog bites me.......then I bite you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think the Balut would kill the dog deserves that!!!!

There are rumors Bolo is also training them as a motivational aids to curb slacktivity on the mats.

Pass that guard! Grrrrrr.... Raaaar! Groin bite!

(Hi Rose!)