My dog is a vegetarian

Alright so I have been talking to this really hot 23 year old vegetarian on tinder over the passed few months. She is pretty covid paranoid, and pro lockdown so she was not willing to hangout. Usually that would be it for me in terms of red flags, but she is hot enough, and I’m primitive enough that the snapchats she was sending were entertaining enough to keep me talking… Anyways she got the Pfizer double jab a couple weeks ago and we have hungout a few times all at my place. I also gave her my own version of the double jab if you know what I mean!

So last night she invites me over to her place. She has a little rowdy dog that she didn’t want to bring over the last couple times because she didn’t think our dogs would get along. I figured I would bring some treats over for the dog to score some brownie points. Brought a couple duck wrapped potato sticks and lamb liver. As I am about to feed it to the dog she asks what it is and after describing it to her she says “uh sorry my dog is a vegetarian”.

Up until this point I had dealt with all her weird shit, biting my tongue, valuing getting laid over calling her out, but I couldn’t help it this time. I told her it was retarded she thought that and she could put anything other than a steak infront of the dog and a steak and the dog would choose the steak. And also said it’s cool if she wants to eat vegetables but not cool to withhold them from a dog. We has a little argument and she told me I should leave. She hasn’t messaged me at all today.

Honestly I am kind of sad that I probably won’t be hitting that again, she was alot of fun, but guessing I probably dodged a bullet long term.

Nearly 60% of liberal women have a clinically diagnosed mental illness. That’s not a joke or an exaggeration. Sounds like you found one.


Yea forsure, I never thought it would last longterm, but thinking I maybe should have just shut up and hit it a couple more times… Oh well

Yeah, you should have shut up hit one more time then feed the dog the snacks on the way out the door

Report her for animal cruelty, that’s fucked up.

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The sad part is that retard will probably breed.

That is animal abuse.

Ya that dogs going to die

Not sure about dogs but cats will go blind if you feed them only vegetables.

I read it as My Dog is Veterinarian

Confused Dog GIF

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You should have fucked her one more time and then punted the little faggy vegetarian dog out the window

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Not all animal owners are crazy but, all crazy people own animals. I saw some strange people when I worked in the animal hospitals.

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Animal abusers are painting their dogs in pride flags this month to turn them into walking endorsements of their views. They find nothing wrong with it either.

Dogs are not obligate carnivores. Nothing at all wrong with a dog on a vegetarian diet.

Nothing at all? Are you sure about that?

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