My Dynamite Proelite pics..

Sorry I don't have more fight pics... I didnt have a ringside position at this fight...

TTT for my boys Evan and Ryan! Great pics as always. Tracy, are you going to KOTC? - view this album


I think I am bringing 2 of the vegas Napkinnights girls, and brittney, and I'm not sure who else wants to go.. but yes!


You have mail :-)

Rock Out With Your Brock Out for the win

cool pics

Rock out with your Brock Out...WELL PLAYED, SIR

great pics

two things
lol at rampage for pulling a "Sylvia" and Kevin Randleman looks great..............OOOPS- my bad

Whether he ever wins, loses or fights again...

LMFAO @ the Penis Sword Forever!!!!

This chick has to be the ugliest chick ever. I always see her with fighters. Must be some super slut or something. Under that make up i see a man!!!

LOL @ Pagero for hating on Tracylee. Tracy is one of the coolest girls out there.

yup, i must be some super slut with a camera, lol... sucks to be me!

and here's me with no make up:


Joe Rogan, he a funny guy. I would be scared of catching something as well.