My EC 57 thoughts!!!

Here is MY unbiased ;) and accurate assessment of the fights. Hey, I just drove the whole way home (4 hours) and I am very tired, so if I mess anything up, I will correct it tomorrow. Keep in mind, that I am just cutting and pasting the actual results. The "thoughts" are my own! ;)

Cliff Sanders def Chris Bott via TKO in RD 2

I was rooting for Chris Bott, because I am big DMEF team fan. Chris started out pretty well, but he looked as though he was waiting to counter punch, and never seemed to get his timing down. He was ahead, in my opinion, after 2 rounds, but was just too gassed to continue. He actually finished the 2nd round, but decided that he didn't want to go to his corner and waved the fight off. I am sure that he will back and in much better cardio shape!

Josh Rafferty def John Owens via an Arm Bar at 0:48 in RD 1

I got to help corner and meet Josh. He is a very cool kid and is definitely going to keep improving. He was a little disappointed in himself after this fight, but he had no reason to be. He listened to what he was told, which was to circle and bring John to our corner, and then got a very tight armbar on John from the guard. I am surprised that he didn't break John's arm, it was that tight! Congrats to Josh, and it was great meeting you!

Shannon Ritch def Dan Anderson via an Arm Bar at 1:50 in RD 1

I know that Shannon takes a lot of grief here, but he really looked sharp tonight! Danny has been improving and IMO he was the "favorite", but he made a mistake of trying to pull out of the armbar, instead of staying tight. and Shannon capitalized on it. Danny has nothing to be ashamed of and I guarantee that he will be back stronger than ever! Good win for Shannon!

Victor Moreno def Alonzo Martinez via a TKO at 4:49 in RD 1

First, I must say that Victor paid me the $5 that he owed me for our bet on the Fisher/Neer fight! :) Therefore, I must say that he is a man of his word. I hate to say it, but he was a much cooler kid than I thought that he would be! lol He kept his composure against Alonzo. He was losing on the ground, as Alonzo had him mounted for a while, and also a very tight headlock that he managed to escape from. However, once it got back to the feet, he caught Alonzo with a knee that knocked him down and the ref quickly stopped it (and rightly so). Congrats to Victor, and I am sure that Alonzo will be back (he had a HUGE cheering section!).

John Strawn def. Luke Caudillo via a RNC at 1:57 in RD 2

Strawn showed a lot of heart as he was being dominated by Caudillo, but managed to take advantage of Caudillo's fatigue and turned it into a win for himself. Both fighters came to bang and this was one hell of a fight!

Andre Roberts def. Gabe Beauperthy via kimura at 3:34 in RD 1

Gabe got in a few quick shots right off of the bat, but once it hit the ground, it was pretty much all over. Andre just took his time and kept working for the kimura. It took him a bit, and there were a few times that it looked as though Gabe's arm was going to break, but Andre eventually turned it to just the right angle and caught him.

Justin James def. Kendrick Johnson via a tapout from strikes (from the mount) at 1:41 in RD 1

Justin came out with something to prove, and he did just that! Kendrick caught Justin with a good leg kick, but then it was all but over as Justin took Kendrick down immediately and passed his guard, where he threw a ton of heavy punches from the mount or sidemount (I was at a bad angle it was hard to tell). Kendrick tapped, but was in a lot of pain holding his shoulder. How he hurt his shoulder, I don't know? I am sure he will read this, and maybe he can fill in the details?

Mike Radnov def Chris Geschke by Kimura at 1:36 in RD 1

This fight was very quick. Radnov took him down and ended up in half guard where he eventually got the kimura. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but I think it was funny that as SOON as the fight hit the ground, Chris's corner was yelling for the ref to stand it up! I think that I would want the ref to stand the fight up if Radnov was laying on me too! lol He is a MONSTER!

Josh Neer def Kyle Jensen by Arm Bar at 1:04 in RD 3

Neer looked pretty good, but so did Jensen IMO. I personally think that Jensen was barely winning the fight after 2 rounds. However, he was very gassed and Josh took advantage of it with an armbar from the guard. Nice win for Josh!

Jeremy Horn def Chael Sonnen

What can I say? Horn is GOD! Jeremy took Chael down twice(!!!), although Chael tried to use the fence to keep Jeremy from taking him down. When Jeremy finally scooped him up, he picked him up like Matt Hughes, walked him over to our corner and slammed him! Once he had Chael in the corner, Horn threw some elbows that cut Chael, and Jeremy even asked him if he was done, when Chael either said no, or didn't answer, Jeremy threw punches until the ref was forced to stop it so that the doc could check on the cut. When Chael stood up, his whole face was covered in blood, Jeremy was covered in Chael's blood, and I think the front row was covered in Chael's blood. Jeremy DOMINATED this fight! After the fight, in the hallway, Jeremy THANKED Chael with heartfelt honesty for taking the fight on 3 days notice. He told him that he really appreciated and respected that. Only a guy like Jeremy will kick your ass, and then thank YOU! LOL! On Chael's behalf, I must say that he seemed like a very nice guy from what I heard of him in the locker room. However, as Jeremy's biggest fan, I must say that I don't like ANYONE that Jeremy fights until the fight is over! ;) lol

I met a lot of new guys, and saw a lot of familiar faces(Halverson, Warfrog, Scott Morton, etc.)! It was a great show, and all of the fighters did a great job!!!!

I am tired and going to bed, I will check this thread tomorrow! :)


thanks for results

"However, as Jeremy's biggest fan"

Those are fighting words Turdboy...



TTT for Josh Rafferty!!!


The reason Justin had something to say was because you said something like you are all right. He thought it came off like you were saying all right as in not great. He also heard there was some internet talk going on. I don't know where he heard that but that is basically what he was thinking. What goes around comes around.

Good job Josh all of us down here give you congrats. Man with an arm bar that fast your ground work must really be improving. It has to be your coaching.

Great fights all night...

i actually have better subs from the bottom then the top. I really got better at submissions when i worked with team international and curtis brigham in canada. I couldn t keep jensen down because he kept turning his back to me and there was no punching to the back of the head or knees to the head. So really the only thing you can do when they turn their back is rear naked choke. Needless to say i didn t like the rules. We need more stomping on the head and that sort of stuff, way more fun. I m with the petition to put horn in the ufc. I heard that chael guy was a division 1 all american and horn took him down twice.

nice post, great job to everyone who got a W at EC and th those who didnt keep your heads up...fight again another day!

Kendrick hope that shoulder heals up. Trust me a know how painful a dislocation can be. ecspecialy when it's an F-250 that teares out your hip. I've done both my shoulders each more then once also. Don't rush the recovery, get in a pool for a while.


Congrats to Horn on a great win!


Justin is tough. You are tough. You both are tough. Justin was the better man last night. Accept it.

great event. and as always it is great to see the jerome brothers, victory jay, monte, the MFS crew and even bzljj! heheh. good recaps ron! danny is going to take some time off, he will be a force to contend with when he returns. hopefully gobott will get the fire to train and fight again. victor will give alot of fighters headaches and he is only going to get better. he is an encredible athlete. josh had an off night and still beat a very tough fighter. josh is very good on the ground, i would like to see him throw his haymakers a little more. he has dynamite in his hands and a cast iron chin.

actually, i didnt mind the thursday night thing. in fact i like it alot. lets do it again victory crew and monte!


BJLJJ do you train at miletich's school, if so, I would like to know how much it is to train for a day. I live in cedar falls so it would be like a two hour drive. I cant move there either cuz I a getting married and buying a house, we have a good school here to. It aint no miletich though.

Thanks to Monte and Jay-

EC was great! Best wishes to all

Shannon "The Cannon"


congrats to Josh Rafferty