My epic boxing betting accumulator 9 down 7 to go

I made the following predictions on September 24th for my mate. I'm currently 9 for 9 with winner and method correct. There are 7 left as Williams v Pavlik is off.  I had no money on an accumulator. A few favourites, but all were important fights and to get the method right too is pretty good going.

9/26: Vitali Klitschko v. Cristobal Arreola - Klitschko TKO

Bernard Dunne v Poonsawat - Poonsawat KO CERT!!!!

10/3: David Tua v. Shane Cameron - Tua KO

10/02: Audley Harrison to win Prizefighter tournament - CERT!!!!

Allan Green v. Victor Oganov (late substitute was Tarvis Simms) - Green Points (MAY KO him)

10/03: John Murray v John Thaxton - Murray KO - CERT!!!

10/17: Arthur Abraham v. Jermain Taylor - Abraham KO

Carl Froch v. Andre Dirrell - Froch Points

10/24: Tomasz Adamek v. Andrew Golota - Adamek TKO

Here are my final 7,

11/7: Nicolay Valuev v. David Haye - Haye Points (Risky one)

11/7: Chad Dawson v. Glen Johnson II - Dawson Points (I'd say a banker at what should be good odds for a points win)

11/14: Manny Pacquaio v. Miguel Cotto - Cotto TKO (Could go either way)

11/21: Mikkel Kessler v. Andre Ward - Kessler Points

12/2: Roy Jones Jr. v. Danny Green - Jones Jr Points

12/3: Carlos Quintana v. Verno Phillips - Quintana TKO

12/5: Kelly Pavlik v. Paul Williams - Williams TKO (Williams will be the underdog)

12/12: Vic Darchinyan v. Tomas Rojas - Darchinyan Points
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I think Kessler will take an unspectacular win on points over Ward and then take out Froch in brutal fashion. I think Kessler will beat either Dirrell or Abraham in the final.

Bobby, when you have time, watch John Murray v Jon Thaxton on youtube. He is the British Lightweight champion and Amir Khan avoided him like the plague. I think he is genuine world class. The fight only lasts 3 and a half rounds but let me know what you think.

I just think that if Holyfield was able to avoid a heavy shot and (IMO) beat Valuev and Chagaev can beat him, then Haye should be able to win on points fairly comfortably.

He looks at him for 1 round and then just walks him down. Thaxton is a quality domestic level fighter with legitimate power and this was an anticipated match.

He is calm, throws hard straight shots and has a good short left hook, has good footwork and defence and is spiteful when he has a man in trouble.


I am now 11 for 11 with winner and method of victory correct.